710 the other 420

710 the other 420. The 420 is the number associated with cannabis that, for many, still serves to identify itself in the mind of the stoner. As every good acolyte to cannabis culture knows, 420 refers to that magic hour (4:20 in the afternoon) in which some young stoner people got together to smoke under a statue back in the seventies.

710 licence to dab

That 420 became the date to celebrate World Marijuana Day: the 20th of the 4th, that is, the 20th of April. Remember that in European countries you put the month first and then the day when you want to enter a date.

Following this logic, 710 should be the 10th of the 7th month. Indeed, on July 7th another date relevant to the world of cannabis is celebrated: the world oil day. a celebration of the oils and various cannabis extracts.

Why that number? 710 is actually the word “Oil”. If you write 710 and read it backward, you will see the message “OIL” in capital letters. The Urban Dictionary offers the following definition: “710: Slang for smoking hash oil by the number that resembles the word” oil “backward.”

710 the other 420
710 the other 420

Due to this ephemeris, we are leaving you some content related to oils, such as this one on The Difference Between Cannabis Oils, or this one about Cannabis Concentrates. Prepare the stash because the 710 is the other 420.

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