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Crop King Seeds Review

Crop King Seeds Review

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4.17/5 (28)

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Crop King Seeds Review, Crop King Marijuana Seeds showcases 31 of the worlds finest cannabis strains for sale in Feminized, Autoflowering, medical and regular varieties. You can buy our cannabis seeds online or at numerous retail places in Canada and worldwide.

crop king seeds review
crop king seeds review


Crop King provides 31 strains and is classified by Feminized, Autoflowering, medical or regular. Each strain they use has been crafted and bred to surpass requirements for effectiveness and also present an outstanding germination rate. Crop King is also known for breeding potent strains and have a convenient THC chart and CBD chart to assist you to choose the very best strains for you.

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Will never purchase their junk seeds again! What a waste of time and money!
Packaging looks nice, wish the seeds were... pure shite!


No problems with my order, I was updated on the progress and seeds in my hand 5 days later.


Here are some of the most potent strains around (THC content and high descriptions click on image)

Purple Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Purple Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds
White Widow Auto Flower Marijuana Seeds
White Widow Auto Flower Marijuana Seeds
Cali OG Kush/Haze(Sativa) Feminized Seeds
Cali OG Kush/Haze(Sativa) Feminized Seeds


Nothing is more discouraging for ANY grower than discovering their seeds are poor quality. When purchasing from ‘Crop King Cannabis Seeds’ you can be positive that you will be happy with the results.

When taking a look at the Seed Bank Review online, there are generally extremely pleased consumers and most state that the germination rate of their seeds is 100%. You will discover strain specific reviews on every item page, which is practical in regards to seeing exactly what individuals’ experiences have been with growing each strain. Crop King also doesn’t remove any unfavorable reviews, so you can feel confident that you are getting real details.

As mentioned above, Crop King seeds do not compete on cost like a lot of other seed banks. They take pride in the item they offer and care more about selling you a few good seeds versus lots of poor quality seeds. Crop King Seeds likewise periodically has special deals, so watch open for them!

Crop King Seeds takes customer support EXTREMELY seriously. You can contact them by email, phone, or immediate chat on their website. The chat feature since gets the quickest response without needing to speak with someone on the phone.

Furthermore, if you have any concerns about your order, shipping, seeds, Crop King will ensure they create an option to make you pleased. you will be made to feel like a top customer no matter how much cash you are spending.

If you reside in Canada, shipping couldn’t be simpler or more inexpensive. For just $10 you will get your order within 7 days, in some cases just 2 days depending on your location. Seeds are shipped in discrete product packaging and containers to keep seeds fresh.

Approx. 5% of orders to some nations outside of Canada are seized at customs. Nevertheless, if you pick the express shipping alternative your order is guaranteed by Crop King Seeds as they will reship your order totally free if it is taken.

Anyone who is looking for strains created for effectiveness and germination, and doesn’t wish to risk quality should purchase from Crop King Seeds.

Crop King Seeds

Crop King Marijuana Seeds

4.39/5 (28)
4.39/5 (28)
4.39/5 (28)
4.5/5 (28)
4.57/5 (28)
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  1. I always order from . It’s a Vancouver, Canada based seeds company. They have awesome packaging and they are already in many seed stores in Canada.

  2. I went to there web site and just asked a simple question about whole sale pricing was treated like shit I own 2 ops one in colo one in mich after talking to lisa chat lady I wouldn’t
    Have any thing to do with this company they act like the customer is just a number and treat them like shit

  3. I picked up some White Widow Feminized from a store here in Toronto and I’m growing them now. I hate the store because they always run out of Zeus.

  4. I’m excited for the White Cookies that they are posting in their website. Not sure when it will come out but for sure I’ll be buying it. I bought from them before and got awesome quality. Their customer service is very friendly.

    1. I ordered White Cookies today. I am very excited. I also included Crown Royale. Both strains have potential. Let’s see what happens next!

  5. i was going to make a purchase and was tryignt o look at the possible methods of payment. well that caused unwanted issues. when i contacted the live chat lisa. i said i am having trouble navigating your website. she replies 50 other people today havent had a problem. RUDE! Rule # 1 of business the customer is always right. I was having trouble navigating your site and you are going to treat me like i am stupid.. thanks because your site wasnt clear on how payment methods worked i am to blame? well needless to say i am new to buying beans and was looking to pop my cherry onto trying otehr places

    1. Maybe it was your web browser that’s having a problem. If I was told that 50 other people had no problems then I would check my end. Their customer service is awesome. The fastest and the only company in the world with phone, live chat and quick email. Sorry for leaving my comment under your review. I am a fan of the company since the first time I ordered seeds online:)

  6. I’m from Iran and I ordered seeds from Crop King Seeds. I paid with Bitcoin and got my seeds less than a month. The shipping is slow but I am fine with it. The seeds are well-packed and very discreet. I am very happy!

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