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Danish tomato farmer aims to be Europe’s biggest producer of medicinal cannabis

Denmark's "Tomato King" is investing over $40 million to head the drug industry.

Danish tomato farmer aims to be Europe’s biggest producer of medicinal cannabis. Denmark is in the process of securing supremacy in a once-banned industry. The city of Odense is to become the largest producer of medical cannabis in Europe. The picturesque village is already the center of the Danish vegetable growing region. Cannabis – prescribed for medical purposes – has been cultivated in Denmark since the beginning of the year.

Danish tomato farmer aims to be Europe’s biggest producer of medicinal cannabis
Danish tomato farmer aims to be Europe’s biggest producer of medicinal cannabis

Danish tomato farmer aims to be Europe’s biggest producer of medicinal cannabis

Several companies are already in the starting blocks. “We want to build new greenhouses in autumn. This will be Europe’s largest cannabis plantation, “announces Mads Pedersen. The head of the local tomato-growing firm “Alfred Pedersen & Søn” is also known as Denmark’s “tomato king”.

In a joint venture with the Canadian company “Aurora Cannabis” Pedersen wants to build a greenhouse plant with 93 000 square meters of total area for the Medical marijuana. This corresponds to a size of 13 football fields. 150 new jobs should be there. Pedersen invests 250 million kroner (33.6 million euros). And that’s just the beginning. Aurora is one of the largest providers of medical cannabis worldwide and knows how to grow the business. “And we know

In January, medical cannabis was already given to 111 Danes. In other European countries, such as Germany, there is partial legalization in the form of medical treatment. Other nations are on their way. In addition, in many places with renewed élan for a legalization of the controversial drug also for leisure use wrestled.

In the US state of California, for example, it has been valid since the beginning of the year. But the latter is still a dream of the future. Denmark’s tomato king expects alone in medical cannabis with a great deal. “This is a chance that comes only once in a lifetime,” he said.

Also Lars Thomassen of the company “Danish Cannabis” together with Canada’s largest cannabis company “Canopy Growth” wants to invest 100 million crowns in the cultivation near the plants of the tomato king. He bought greenhouses with a total area of ​​30,000 square meters for a disturbed pepper and orchid grower near Odense.

The first harvest is scheduled to start in the summer, he announces. Thomassen wants to produce 2,000 tonnes of cannabis per year. Adjacent to the greenhouse is a plant laboratory for research and breeding purposes and a bunker with thick walls, in which the precious goods are guarded by security personnel around the clock. “The problem is not the single plant, but when a vacuum-packed one-kilo bag worth around $4800 gets lost. It’s incredibly easy

The Danish government is also hoping for the new, promising economic sector. In December, Minister of Health Ellen Trane Nörby was on a study trip to Israel, where she has already gained experience. “It’s about being one of the first in the world. I would like us to export cannabis, we are strong in drug production, “she said on her journey. Cannabis is controversial as a medicine for pain.



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