How To Make A Light bulb Vaporizer

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How To Make A Light bulb Vaporizer

A light bulb vaporizer is one of the easiest and least expensive ways of making a homemade vaporizer. It gets you high as hell and only for the cost of a few household materials. It works pretty well for only being a cheap home-made vaporizer that only takes a couple of minutes to put together. Everyone knows that vaporizers are healthier than smoking from bowls or bongs, but some people don’t exactly know what a vaporizer is or how it works.

How To Make A Light bulb Vaporizer
How To Make A Light bulb Vaporizer

Materials Needed For Light bulb Vaporizer

1 Light bulb, use a 100-watt incandescent light bulb, make sure it is clear, or if it has paint on it that you scrape all the paint off, the paint will put extra chemicals into your vaporizer and could be really bad for your health.


20 oz bottle, a soda bottle, or water bottle will do


Electrical tape or duct tape

Instructions On Making Your Light bulb Vaporizer

With scissors, cut off the top of the bottle you used to get detach the top part of the bottle including the neck and part where you screw the bottle cap onto the bottle. Remove the excess plastic, you want to cut the bottle about 2-3 cm from the bottle cap.

Cut the edge to clean it up and make it straight.

Now make slices up the side of the plastic on the neck about 5cm apart, don’t cut all the way through the cap, you just want them to go up to the lip of the cap neck.

Now bend the slices of plastic inwards to make them straight. To get this done right you will have to overlap them slightly. Work with them until every slice is straight and overlapping, it should resemble a circle.

Test it on your light bulb to see if it will fit, you do not want the plastic going past the metal, a centimeter or two should be good. If necessary cut off excess plastic to make it fit.

After you’ve made sure it fits good, straighten up the plastic even more for a tighter fit, you don’t want it sliding off your vaporizer while you’re using it, or the vapor slide through the cracks. We’re doing it this way to make it easy to remove and attach to new light bulbs.

Now you’re going to wrap up the plastic edge, the bottom part of the cap with tape. Leave a little bit of tape sticking off the bottom part in the air. Make sure you wrap it really tight and if you’re using duct tape you will want to cut it in half. Cover up all the slits and holes you cut it in the plastic to prevent air from escaping.

Fold the tape inwards, this will allow you to easily slide on and the vaporizer cap to your light bulb, and check to see if it fits tight. You want it really tight, if you don’t think it is tight enough or just want to make it a little tighter add another layer of tape and repeat the previous step.

Make two small holes in the bottle cap with your scissors, be careful this is where people usually get hurt. You want them large enough to fit a pen tube. Put a pen tube in one of the holes, the other hole you made will be your carb.

Here is where we prep the light bulb for vaporizer use. Cut the metal circle on the end of the light bulb off.

Gently holding the light bulb in your hand (I emphasize GENTLY to prevent the light bulb from shattering in your hands and reduce the risk of injuries) use your scissors or another sharp object to weaken the black part on the end of the light bulb. Once it’s weak punch a hole through it with the scissors or your other sharp object. If you use scissors, rotate them in a circle to shatter the black thing and make it fall out.

Stick your scissors straight into the light bulb and use them to break up the insides without damaging the light bulb. Empty the contents of the light bulb in the trash.

Fill the light bulb up with salt, this will remove the inside coating from the light bulb. Shake it, and shake it until all the white stuff comes off.

Rinse your light bulb out 15 times, then dry it gently and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Shake any excess water out, you don’t want water inside your light bulb vaporizer.

Gently push your head joint onto the light bulb, screw on the bottle cap, and enjoy.

How To Use Your Home-made Light bulb Vaporizer

Fill it up with around 0.3 grams of marijuana

Put your finger over the carb on the bottle cap and push the end of the pen tube against your chest.

Keep your lighter about 5 cm under the light bulb, and heat the light bulb until you can see very faint vapor rising your weed. Do not hold your lighter too close as this will burn the weed, this is not what we want.

Then suck in your vapors and enjoy your very own homemade light bulb vaporizer.

Note: Some people recommend candles for lighting your light bulb vaporizer because it may waste a bit of lighter fluid to use it for this method. It takes a minute or two to get the vapor going.

If you’re more of a visual kind of person here is a video on how to make this light bulb vaporizer, it’s useful to read the directions first and watch the video before trying it out yourself so you have a good idea of what to expect and don’t go around ruining all your bottles and light bulbs for no reason.

Here is a great youtube video from Marijuana Man, who is baked, that shows you how to smoke marijuana from a water bong.

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