Marijuana Growing Forum Jorge Cervantes

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Marijuana Growing Forum Jorge Cervantes

Marijuana Growing Forum
Marijuana Growing Forum

Marijuana Growing and Cannabis Cultivation A nice friendly forum run by Jorge Cervantes of Marijuana Horticulture (bible) fame and Jorge is one of the founding members of CBD Crew, and very passionate about CBD and its medicinal benefits.


  1. Oh Captain, my Captain…
    40 plus years and I have finally perfected my RSO brand of “Star Oil”. I have documented and written on the healing effects of the oil on major and minor wounds. Not only superficial flesh wounds, but also bone fractures! I have a method of making the oil that makes this brand of oil better than any other I had made in the 5 plus years I have began experimenting with RSO/Phoenix Tears. Star Oil has the ability of healing a laceration that extends through all layers of epidermis and down to interior parts of the afflicted area, and do it in a miraculous amount of time. No pain (really) no infection whatsoever, the oil actually expels foreign objects and debris from the wound, and it will do this in less than 2 weeks! It will heal a bone fracture in the same amount of time!
    I need help! I need to work with someone who can help bring this oil, and the way to make it, to a forum I can get it recognized in the value it holds in this theater of medicine. These claims are not exaggerated. They are witnessed by people who are not in the same felonious category as I am due to the lies that were spun about cannabis. It was Cannabis that was Wrongfully Convicted, and by proxy so was I. Moving forward, I live in a cannabis legal state and am a medicinal marijuana grower/patient and researcher and want to work to bring this the direction it deserves!
    Mr. Van Patton…You know the people I need to associate with to get this out of the closet. Please assist? Star Oil is a wonderful compound George. Allow me to prove it?

  2. Hello Mr. Cervantes, Is it possible to over clone a plant? I have been cloning the same strain for about 10 years now.

    Thank you

  3. Aloha Mr. Servantes,
    I met you a few weeks ago in Colorado. I was the manager at the Japanese/ Chinese restaurant you ate at. I need some advice on one of my plants and could not get on your forum.


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