420 Connect Forum Review

4.5/5 (3)

420 Connect Forum Review


420 Connect Forum Review

420 Connect Forum

A place where medical and recreational users (people who like to just get high!, growers and supporters can come together to mingle, share, find out and motivate!

We don’t require you to share anymore information on the site than you are comfortable with and just desire to provide a friendly, safe place for you to make some brand-new ‘cannabuddies’. We’re constantly looking for the community to grow, so don’t hesitate to welcome anybody you believe might be interested!

We motivate you to create brand-new subjects, ask questions and share knowledge. Write strain/smoke reports, if you are a medical patient. why not share your story of how cannabis has changed your life! share funny stories of times you were high. Review and share your concerns about smoking/vaping/growing devices. Share recipes, news, posts and more!

We have a Market (similar to eBay) where members can list products for sale/ auction/ trade.

A Media Gallery where our members can submit and share their preferred photos, videos, song etc!

A Game with over 700 games for rainy days!
. battle with other members to claim your title of pacman champ!

Create and personalize your own Profile

You can also develop your own Social Groups. Social Groups have their own events, subjects, remarks, picture and files pages, and you can even choose to authorize members before they can enter your group. So let your imagination run wild!

We even offer faithful, practical members of 420 Connect benefits!

We hold month-to-month Plant of The Month and Bud Of The Month competitions where our members can win prizes including seeds and special 420 Connect T-Shirts!
(with seeds kindly contributed by The Vault!).

As soon as we have established a well-known community, we want to have the ability to provide our members with a lot more competitions where you can win some smoking/growing gear and unique online forum extras!

Keep coming back for details as we reveal new competitions within the online forum!

Members can earn various different badges for completing specific actions, like listing a product in the Market, publishing an item to the Gallery, Becoming a champ on the Arcade, Creating new topics, Hitting particular post counts and more!

Consider yourself a professional at growing weed? – Prove it and we’ll award you a special “Growing Guru” forum badge!

Would you want to volunteer and help 420 Connect grow? – If you’re interested in researching and posting cannabis posts, news and stories and so on let us know and we’ll reward you with an exclusive “News Reporter” badge.

We also motivate Seed Banks, growing equipment suppliers, Head shops and so on to Join 420 Connect – We think it’s excellent when business go that extra mile to address questions about their items and hang out with their client base.

We’re open to recommendations on ways to enhance the site and welcome any feedback too!

Thank you and we want to see you around the online forum!
The 420 Connect Team.

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5/5 (3)


  1. Herb and marijuana

    Herbal medicine are more likely be the choice of many now a days specially prescription drugs are not only over the top when it come to price but I also kills your liver along the way. Had a lot of experience with medical cannabis since it’s working for me. I learn a lot from this website http://www.worldwide-marijuana-seeds.com/products/green-house-super-lemon-haze. That different strains of cannabis was a use for each diseases.

  2. A place where medical and recreational users (people who like to just get high! ;)), growers and supporters can come together to socialize, share, learn and inspire!

    1. Just wanted to say lLGM is the best site to purchase Quality Seeds and the customer service is A1 happy growing !!!!!


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