Micro Ghetto Grow In A Computer Case.

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Grow In A Computer Case. Even if your home is the size of a shoebox, you can find a good place to grow cannabis: a computer case, an aquarium or a cupboard under the sink – the cannabis plant can thrive almost anywhere.

Micro Ghetto Grow In A Computer Case
Micro Ghetto Grow In A Computer Case

In the not too distant future, we will look back on the stupid war on cannabis. The idea that some establishment has the power to deprive us of the right to grow a medicinal plant – or the idea that it is really possible to effectively enforce a law banning plant growth.

The “right” of these laws (and only because of it) has forced cannabis growers to “go underground” And as a result has we have the most creative growth for all sorts of different situations.

A whole industry of urban agriculture has developed over the years, and the current situation is that almost every object or structure is enough to serve as a grow room for top-quality cannabis buds.

Although the popularity of compact crops (also known as “ghetto crops”) has certainly increased in recent years, it is important to mention that such a grow system is recommended primarily for growers who want to experiment with the plant for the first time, or for those who simply enjoy the hobby of growing.

The main idea of ​​this cultivation method is simplicity: there is no need for a lot of space, and as a result, there is no need for a larger crop. Or the need for expensive equipment.

Cannabis growth in a computer case.

The most common growth space in the compact growth method is in the chassis of a computer that is emptied of its electrical contents and is tall and symmetrical, this makes it easy to grow in, and easy to camouflage at the same time.

Several parts of the computer case will need to be dismantled to maximize the space inside (in most cases a screwdriver will do the job).

You should get a computer case that looks like this:

computer case
computer case

And remove the insides so it looks like this:

insides removed
insides removed

Metal Halide (MH) or High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps, Are commonly used for larger growing areas and are definitely best suited for growing high-quality cannabis. But this type of lighting also has some serious drawbacks when used in small spaces.  These include radiated heat and convected heat. This causes micro cannabis growers in small areas to bypass the use of these bulbs.

For these reasons, cannabis growers using small grow spaces tend to use LED bulbs or a “compact fluorescent light” (CFL) type fluorescent lighting. The CFL, as it is called, are built differently from traditional “long” fluorescent lamps – these bulbs are quite small and in most cases appear in the form of a spiral:

 Four CFL bulbs in one computer case
Four CFL bulbs in one computer case

Four CFL bulbs in one grow box

While the light output of the CFL bulbs is less powerful than the output of other lamps (eg 70 lumens per watt with CFL lamps compared to 100-140 lumens per watt with HPS bulbs).

The CFL rarely emits much heat, they are both small and practical, cost-effective (low cost to buy)  and their electricity consumption is minimal,

Blue spectrum (suitable for the growth stage) and orange spectrum (suitable for the flowering stage) are readily available.

You need to securely fasten the lamps by some means above plants. It is important to note that the lamp is properly fixed.

Circulation: Ventilators and Small Fans.

One of the challenges of growing cannabis in a small space is to maintain the air quality the plant receives. A constant supply of oxygen-rich air and carbon dioxide is essential for the healthy growth of the plant.  Which can be difficult to provide when growing a plant in places like a cardboard box or a computer case.

Just as a professional grow tent is designed in such a way that it will have ventilation vents (in most cases at least one entrance and one exit) – so the compact growth system should be designed to allow proper entry and exit of air.

 Example of proper circulation
Example of proper circulation

Example of proper circulation

All you need is to make a hole of the right size or use the existing ventilation hole and fix a fan that will operate either inward or outward direction. A small computer fan can work superbly.

This is why you can start growing.

Just as in a normal grow room there is always room for improvement and upgrading. This is no truer than in the micro grower community there will always be creative minds that will make this grow method more comfortable or more efficient.

But the bottom line is that there is no fundamental difference between “ghetto crops” and normal home-grown crops.

The “compact growth” method allows every Cannabis lover to experience the experience of growing quality cannabis buds with minimal space in the house and minimum economic expenses: it is worth giving it a shot.

Finally, we brought you some examples of micro crops during flowering.

 Cannabis grows
Cannabis grows

And just before harvest (different systems of course):

Computer case Cannabis in the flowering stage
Computer case Cannabis in the flowering stage

Cannabis in the flowering stage.

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  1. How about ‘Part II’ where you suggest how long to veg, size of grow containers, ect? I have a coupla ‘old ‘puter boxes, but they are smaller than those. Also a handy dandy man could build boxes to their own specs. THis is an intriguing idea…lots of possibilities.


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