The Benefits & Challenges Of Air-Pots

Air Pots: Grow Plants Faster.

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At Best Seed Bank we are always looking for innovative products, which we also test ourselves as much as possible. Air-Pots are a good example of this.

The benefits & challenges of Air-Pots
The benefits & challenges of Air-Pots

From practical experiences, we see great benefits of Air-Pots for the home grower. At the same time, there are also challenges to growing with this very different plant pot.

As far as we are concerned, the pots are not necessarily suitable for every grower, because everyone’s growing style is different. At the end of this article, you at least know whether the Air-Pot is a worthwhile experiment for you.

Air pots, have become popular among gardeners and farmers and there seem to be good reasons for it. So what is an Air pot? How are they built? How do you maximize air to the roots and why?. And what are its advantages over other types of grow pots?.

First things first, what are Air-Pots?.

As you can see the Air-Pot looks like a futuristic planter. It has a lot of holes everywhere, with conical cones on the inside and outside. The bottom is a plastic disc with holes.

First things first, what are Air-Pots.
First things first, what are Air-Pots.

The Air-Pot is available in various sizes and is not only used for cannabis plants. Commercial tree nurseries, cucumber plantations and in professional greenhouse and horticulture. Are among many who have also gratefully made use of these special plant pots. However, an Air-Pot requires a small user manual; you have to assemble them yourself.

Structure Of An Air-Pot.

These pots have a shape that to a certain extent resemble egg trays. There are cones facing inward and cones facing outward. At the end of each cone facing out, there is a hole allowing light and air to enter, and the end of each cone facing inward is closed.

This shape is better for the roots than the straight surface of regular plants because a smooth surface causes the roots of the plants to rotate around the soil.

On the other hand, the special surface of the flower pot causes the roots to grow toward the outer cones, toward the hole, and from there the root receives the air and the light.

First, the light and the air burn the roots but then begin to grow other roots that are stronger, thicker, healthier but with shorter roots with whitish edges – which are proof that the roots are healthy.

A first tip before Using.

Make sure that the holes on the top of the pot are closed and the bottom of the pot is open. The plastic bottom also has a top and bottom.

Now That You Know What An Air-Pot Is, It’s Time To Talk About Its Benefits And Challenges.

In an Air-Pot, roots are pruned through the air. This creates a completely different structure for the root ball! In an Air-Pot the root ball has many more roots that stick out, with smaller root branches.

This gives the plant more options to absorb nutrients. The Airpot also ensures a healthier and wider branched root system compared to the spiral root ball in a standard pot.

Advantages: Larger Root System.

The roots always grow in a spiral in a common round or square plant pot. If you look at the roots after a successful harvest, you will see this rotation at the bottom of the root ball.

How is that possible? Very simple. The root goes in search of water and comes against the wall of the pot at some point. It then chooses a direction and continues to grow along the wall of the pot.

It All Begins With A Root.

If you have some experience in growing, you probably know how important the root system of the plant in its development and health, durability and robustness of the plant.

If the root system of your plant is healthy the chances of the plant thriving are greatly increased. On the other hand, a plant whose root system is weak stands little chance of growing and developing into a decent plant.

Now that we understand the importance of plant roots, we can turn to an explanation of the uniqueness and structure of the Air pots.

Get The Most Out Of Air Pots.

In order to enjoy all the advantages of potted plants, plants must be provided with optimal conditions. For example, it is important to ensure that the growing medium in which the plants are grown will be good quality, alive and airy.

cannabis plants grown in airpots
cannabis plants grown in airpots

A good substrate is essential because it also contributes to the airiness and the ability of air and light to penetrate the roots. Furthermore, if a quality substrate is used, it will also allow the vital bacterial activity to help absorb nutrients from the substrate.

It is also important to make sure that the pot has good drainage of irrigation water. In a quality air pot, there are already many wide drainage openings and are built in the pot itself.

In addition, a moist soil culture should be observed since the roots of the plant will develop better and faster in a moist substrate or near water. Finally, remember to increase the amount of irrigation water and the amount of fertilizer as the plant grows and grows accordingly.

Advantage: More Oxygen For Better nutrient intake.

Air pots have a special structure and this structure allows the air to flow through it. In addition, this unique structure creates optimal conditions for the growth of healthy, massive and strong roots. As a result, growing plants in pots ensure large, beautiful and tasty crops.

A root hair absorbs nutrients very simply when the medium has the correct acidity (pH value) and when there is water and oxygen present. Due to the holes in the Airpot, the growing medium is lighter and there is more oxygen available for the roots.

This allows the plant to absorb more oxygen and make better use of the available nutrients.

Moreover, the chance of overwatering is reduced. Too much water can suffocate roots, something that can be all too common in standard pots.

Challenges when using Air Pots.

All the extra benefits from a well-oxygenated and looser medium are more than welcome, but at the same time, it also provides you as a grower with extra challenges.

Firstly, the medium you are growing in tends to dry out faster due to the improved airiness of the root ball.

In practice, this means that you also have to give more frequent waterings than you might be used to. When first using Air-Pots, it is therefore important to review your watering schedule.

Drying out of your medium is a particular problem when using air pots. This is because when the medium you are growing in has dried out, it then shrinks and absorbs water less well.

This creates a space between the growing medium and the pot. In an Air-Pot this requires some extra attention because the water can easily run out of your pot through the holes. This also removes the nutrient feed that you have carefully mixed in your water.

Watering Tips For Air Pots.

If you have missed a watering of your plant and your medium has dried and shrunk away from the wall of the pot. First, give a little bit of water and let it soak in for half an hour.

This causes the earth to expand again so that it can absorb water more easily.  If the dried medium is resistant to watering a good tip is to stand the pot in a deep tray of water which allows the medium to take in water by capillary action.

More Prone to Pests.

One thing I have noticed that isn’t often mentioned is the problem of pests. The holes in the Airpot, unfortunately, have a practical disadvantage. It creates more opportunities for a pest to enter the pot namely Gnats.

In the adult stage, the Gnat is a small flying insect. It is very similar to a fruit fly and is very interested in cannabis plants. The insect lays its eggs in the soil and the larvae that hatch feed on the plentiful roots,  Root damage reduces the health of your plant which makes it more susceptible to disease and also reduces your yield.

When using a regular pot the mosquito can only reach the roots through the top of the pot. But with an Airpot, it can enter through each of the holes. When growing with Air-Pots you should, therefore, pay more attention to small flying critters. Checking your grow tent every night it is worth it!

Always hang yellow sticky traps near your Air-Pots. One insect can cause huge problems due to their ability to breed rapidly., Therefore its much better to catch the insects early.

The Perfect Pot Does Not Exist!.

Now that we have shared our experiences with Air-Pots it’s over to you. It is important to mention that the perfect pot do not exist. There are so many factors that influence the quality and yield of your plant. The choice of a pot is just one of them. You should try to optimize every factor, that’s the goal!

If you want to experiment with the Air-Pots, I would recommend using two normal pots and two Air-Pots. This allows you to experience the difference for yourself in the same grow with four plants. See for yourself which pots give you more yield and quality.

Summary Advantages Of Using Air Pots.

There are several advantages to the use of air pots, among which are:

  • The unique structure of the pot prevents the locking of roots. The cones allow the roots of the plants to come into contact with air and light. These cut off the primary roots and under them grow stronger and more durable roots.
  • When the roots are stronger, healthier and larger, the crop is stronger, healthier and larger.
  • It is very easy to transfer a plant that grew and developed in a small air pot into a larger air pot. This is a fairly simple operation that does not endanger the plant and does not involve the use of force or effort.
  • The air vents and light in the cones allow oxygen to enter and create an airy and high-quality medium. An oxygen-rich substrate is a substrate that has bacterial activity essential for the development of plants.
  • Thanks to the ventilation sources built in the air pots, there is good drainage and there is no fear of rot due to the concentration of water.
  • In air pots, you can grow any type of plant including vegetables, fruits, flowers, bushes, herbs, and even trees.
  • There are a variety of air pots and the shape of the pot can be adapted to the crops they want to grow.

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