Samsara Seeds Review

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Samsara Seeds Review

Samsara Seeds Review
Samsara seed bank review



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Samsara Seeds was conceived as a seed bank that seeks to offer its customers not just cannabis seeds, however also a way of life selection and an understanding of marijuana.

We are regularly adapting to altering situations looking for brand-new experiences to provide growers of our seeds. We think that there need to be a balance in between the seeds we offer our consumers and their requirements. This is our philosophy, our attitude to life and it is helpful and absolutely legitimate to face the obstacles we meet every day. Our strains are established according to these concepts of balance and consistency.

Every among the strains you will find in our catalogue has actually been created and developed extremely carefully, concentrating our energy and dedication to our consumers into providing quality, originality and medicinal varieties.

We produced a range of plants with the objective of separating ourselves from the rest of seed banks. We chose the parents by crossing some of our best mother plants provided that these satisfied our customers’ medicinal and organoleptic standards along with existing market needs.

To attain this, we spent a very long time paying attention to and taking note of the interests, tastes and interests of cannabis lovers all over the world. It is for this reason that you will find crosses in our catalogue that would be really hard to find in various other banks’. There are likewise strains that ooze with the balance and natural consistency of this sacred plant which humans have been cultivating for even more than ten thousand years.

The cannabis plant is inextricably connected to the concept of “medication”. We know that one of the main reasons the marijuana plant exists is for us to use it for our own advantage, exploiting its various palliative and curative applications. It can be made use of effectively and securely with any others medicine.

Marijuana’s medical value is, as a result, the facet that motivates, concerns and interests us most when developing our strains. We were especially mindful to pick those ranges which offer the highest feasible medicinal value to our plants whether these be mainly Indica or Sativa dominant.

The alleviative value of CANNABIS and its by-products has actually been proven and is accepted to deal with a broad range of various disorders:.
Counteracts stress.
Avoids queasiness and vomiting.
Stimulates appetite and rejuvenates the patient.
Function as a bronchial dilator.
Function as a relaxant.
Disinhibits habits.
Relieves pain of childbearing and menstruation.
Efficient for detoxification treatments.

Glaucoma (a rise in intraocular stress).
Chemotherapy side-effects (queasiness, loss of appetite and pain).
Asthma (reduced respiratory capacity).
Epilepsy and spasms (convulsions).
Anorexia and depression (weight loss and mood swings).
General pain relief.
Cancer and opiate or alcohol reliance.


  1. Yes, unfortunatly Samsara Seeds has the worst customer service I have experienced. They sent me wrong seeds and did not even replied to my mail.

  2. Great strains but unfortunatly very poor communication and customer service.


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