Vancouver Seed Bank Review

 2.2/5 (3)

Vancouver Seed Bank Review

Vancouver seed bank review
Vancouver seed bank review


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Vancouver Seed Bank Review

THE VANCOUVER SEED BANK is proud to present a growing selection of seeds from medicinal, edible, psychoactive and otherwise useful plants from around the world, including a wide selection of marijuana seeds.

Rating Entries

I ordered autoflower afghan kush, 5 seeds and autoflower dynamite seeds. All of them germinated quickly. Kush in 24 hours and Dynamite in 48.
This supplier has a bad rating based on ONE review from several years ago, and there is some indication that that guy was referring to another site. (read all the comments, you'll see this.) I'd like to correct that.

I got my seeds 3 business days after ordering. They were all in good order. Wait, there's a runt! Oh, in a package 'of 12' it's the thirteenth. In another package were TWO runts, but that was out of 14. In both cases I got 12 fat, fully developed seeds.
I love that they sell as many varieties of regular seeds as feminized. Some sites only sell fem and auto, which might not be suitable to your needs.
I can't review customer service because it wasn't required, but the fact that it wasn't required gives it a 5.

My only beef with these guys is that I would like to see more varieties that aren't crosses of crosses of crosses.
For instance, they have about a dozen varieties that are crosses of X Blackberry Kush.
But they won't sell you straight up Blackberry Kush seeds. What's up with that?

And perhaps fewer varieties that are 'couch-locky' according to leafly. But if you don't want those kinds, don't buy them. Maybe more Sativas and Hybrids?

VANCOUVER SEED BANK are offering seeds for dozens of different entheogens and medicinal herbs, including marijuana, opium poppies, tobaccos, peyote and other magical cacti, low-THC hemp,
plus edible herbs and vegetables including dozens of special varieties of heirloom tomatoes, lettuces, beans and other heritage garden plants.

VANCOUVER SEED BANK ship most of our seeds anywhere in the world, but some of our seed species are restricted from shipment to certain specific countries.

We at the Vancouver Seed Bank are devoted to collecting and preserving useful seed varieties from around the globe, and making those seeds available to anyone who needs them.

We believe that seeds and plants are part of the common heritage of all people, and that every human has the right to grow any plant they wish.

We oppose the patenting of living things, the genetic modification of plants, and especially the creation os so-called “terminator” seeds. We believe that breeding and careful selection are the keys to developing new plant strains.

We also oppose the war on drugs which aims to exterminate many of the world’s most useful plants. We believe that entheogenic and psychoactive plants are among the world’s most sacred treasures, and should be preserved, not destroyed.
We do not ship marijuana seeds to the USA.

Feminized Seeds- What are they?

Regular Cannabis plants are either male or female. Male plants only produce pollen, if this pollen is released and received by a female, she will produce seed as well as bud.

Females have the ability to hermaphrodite and produce pollen so they will produce seed and continue to propagate in the next season even if no male pollen is present. This characteristic is more prominent in some strains of Cannabis than others. Producing feminized seeds is a method of manipulating this common trait amongst female cannabis plants.

There are various methods for producing feminized marijuana seeds including, ‘shocking’ female plants by spraying them with a liquid solution, fluctuating the light cycle and generally freaking-out the female. Under the stressful conditions the female is triggered to produce her own pollen as a survival response to an inconsistent and unhappy environment.

Feminization processes vary from breeder to breeder. It’s important to note this is not genetic modification, it is a way of manipulating and breeding the genetics already present in the Cannabis genome VANCOUVER SEED BANK.

 3.7/5 (3)
 3.7/5 (3)
 3.7/5 (3)
 4.3/5 (3)
 3.3/5 (3)



  1. Sorry but they are a good company.. Good communication and my seeds came safe and secure.. I would order again..No problems at all.. Help you out all the way … They have a phone number and a walk in store.. Really people its a no brainer..

  2. I sent my order in and two weeks later have not heard from them. I sent two emails inquiring about my order status and recieved no response.

    1. Have been purchasing for years but have received a notice from google that maleware “random letter gen”.ru/runforestrun/botnet2(I think .js)

      This is the “only-other” similar reference to this site&malware.

      +4 for the product’s available and quality

      -5 For having a Russian-based malware-site hosted on the same domain. (I’d blame ‘their host’ and not owner’s of

  3. hay all sorry no one never got back to u guys
    for the first guy we do a 100 % guaranty on the green house seeds and green house puts the coating on the seeds
    and for green life we are not the same as VISC that is the vancouver island seed company the vancouver seed bank did sell there seeds but for now they do not if anybody has any questions os concerns give them a call 7 days a week 11 to 7 bc time 778 329 1930
    and yes i gave em 5 stars cuase i love em 🙂

  4. DO NOT SEND MONEY to VISC. I’m a med patient who like many do not have much resourses. After sending payment with order they never sent product or contacted me with any update or excuses. After over a dozen messages left at their office…No Reply!!!! They are corooks!!! Stay Away!!

  5. These people say they have the “best seeds”, but out of two 5 seed packs, there is no germination. The website states “wait up to two weeks for germination”, which is UNHEARD OF IN MJ SEEDS!

    They use a “antifungal” powder that is very VERY thick on the seed, and will hinder germination. if it does not stop it outright.

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