When Will Your Outdoor Cannabis Plants Mature?

When Will Your Outdoor Cannabis Plants Mature
When Will Your Outdoor Cannabis Plants Mature

When Will Your Outdoor Cannabis Plants Mature?. The cannabis plant flowers based on the number of hours of uninterrupted dark it receives.

When a critical period is reached for several days the plant changes its growth from vegetative to flowering. During the spring and summer, the number of hours of darkness shrinks as the latitude increases.

For instance, on June 16 close to June 22, the longest day of the year and the first day of summer, there are nine a half hours of darkness at the 35th latitude, near Memphis, Albuquerque and Los Angeles. At the 40th parallel, close to New York, Columbus, and Denver the dark.

His nine hours, a difference of half an hour. However, the seed producers latitudes are considerably different than the latitudes of the gardens of many outdoor growers. Vancouver, at the 50th parallel and Holland at the 52nd parallel, has 7:49 – 7:27 of darkness respectively on that date. As a result, the cannabis plants maturity dates change significantly with changes in latitude.

To find the right being date at your latitude:

1.)    Count back from the outdoor ripening date the number of days the variety takes to flower indoors. This is the trigger date, the date that the plant changes from vegetative to flowering phase.

2.)    Locate the breeder’s latitude at the trigger date. The chart (found on this link) indicates the number of hours of darkness that triggers the plant to flower.

3.)    On the column representing your latitude, locate the date on the chart that matches the dark. From #2.

4.)    Count forward the number of days it takes to ripen indoors. The result is the maturity date.

When Will Your Outdoor Cannabis Plants Mature?
When Will Your Outdoor Cannabis Plants Mature? Number of hours of darkness by latitude

Figuring ripening dates: examples –

A seed strain from Holland ripens there on October 15 and matures in 70 days indoors. Counting back on the latitude chart you see that on August 1, about 75 days before ripening, the plant triggered on 8 ½ hours of darkness. Along the 40th parallel or further south, the dark.

Never gets below nine hours of darkness. The variety will be triggered to flower almost as soon as it’s placed outside. If it’s planted outdoors June 1 it will ripen in 70 days, near August 10. If planted June 16 that will ripen in late August. At the 45th parallel, the plant will be triggered to flower around July 1. The buds will mature September 10 – 15th.

A Canadian variety adapted to the 50th parallel ripens October 16 outdoors, 60 days after forcing indoors. Counting back to August 16 60 days before the Bud matures the dark. At the 50th parallel is about 9 ½ hours. The 45th parallel, this dark period occurs August 4, within a right-leaning date of around October 4. At the 40th parallel, it occurs around July 30, with a harvest around September 30.

At the 35th parallel the lower latitudes, flowering is triggered as soon as the plants are planted since there are only a few days around June 22 when the dark. Stretches longer than 9 ½ hours. If planted June 1 the plants will ripen in early August.

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