California Indica Cannabis Seeds Review Sensi Seeds

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California Indica Cannabis Seeds Review Sensi Seeds, These cannabis seeds are a hybrid of a lush, sativa-influenced California orange-bud and a special Afghan hash plant cultivar. California Indica seeds inherit fast, heavy flowering and a hashish-scented undertone from their indica ancestry. The Californian parent lends a delicious orange aroma and imparts a delightful lift to the high!

California Indica Cannabis Seeds Review Sensi Seeds

California Indica Cannabis Seeds Review Sensi Seeds
California Indica Cannabis Seeds Review Sensi Seeds

California Indica

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Type: Regular.
Genetics: Orange Bud x Indica Pure.
Phenotype: 65% indica / 35% sativa.
Flowering period: 45-50 days.
Northern Hemisphere Harvest: Mid-September.
Southern Hemisphere Harvest: Mid-March.
Outdoor height: up to 2.5 meters.
Inside height: up to 1.2 meters.
Outdoor harvest: up to 1000 grams / plant.
Indoor harvest: 550 g / m2


Sensi Seeds’ original California Indica cannabis seed strain was bred from a massive, heavy-yielding Californian orange-bud mother plant whose mix of traits leaned towards sativa. The long-flowering, open-budding Californian was bred with our Northern Lights #1 x Hash Plant hybrid – the same superbly resinous double Afghan cross which was selected as the pollen donor for our famous Hash Plant seed strain.

The resulting offspring showed great improvement in flowering time, bud density, and resin content compared to the sativa mother, and had a sweeter, fruitier flavor and a more uplifting high than the indica father. The same two parent plants have been used in the development of California Indica cannabis seeds.

Another advantage of bringing these two distinctly different genotypes together was the impressive hybrid vigor displayed by cannabis plants grown from seed, and this holds true for our update. California Indica cannabis seeds produce large, sturdy plants with strong branching. This cannabis seed strain maintains the wonderful effect of the original hybrid – a sun-drenched sativa high which is energized and illuminated by a hashy Afghanica body-buzz.

California Indica cannabis seeds produce sturdy, mostly-indica plants with some noticeable sativa characteristics. Indica dominates the growth pattern, making this strain heavy and quick to flower. Buds bristle with long, profuse pistils and have a strong tendency to ‘run’ along the main stem and branches, filling up plants’ internodal gaps with dense, resinous flower clusters.

California Indica can be kept to a manageable size indoors through controlled flowering, or may be grown to the size of a small tree outdoors in a warm continental climate! Hybrid vigor means that the heaviest yielding examples will gain a little more height in the flowering stage than a pure indica. Indoors, growers should expect plants to gain 100-150% of their vegetated height during their 7 to 8-week flowering period.

This cannabis seed strain produces truly gourmet buds. Careful growers will be rewarded by large flower clusters which become brittle with resin by harvest time. When dry, their masses of mature pistils can make California Indica  buds look more orange than green. The thick hairs growing from each calyx may actually range in color from red to deep yellow, with pink pistils occasionally making an appearance.

This strain produces a rather subdued scent while growing and flowering. When dried and cured, buds have a rich and delicious flavor – a sublime layering of acrid hashish and sweet citrus sativa. Orange is the most common note of fruit, though some examples of California Indica produce citrus aromas that are more reminiscent of lemon or grapefruit.

In our favorite examples, the resinous flavor of the hash plant ancestor blends with the Californian citrus to produce something greater than the sum of its parts – a rich bitter-orange bouquet that lingers on the palate like a fine liqueur or dark chocolate. The rich aroma of California Indica is especially well suited to vaporizing because that method’s relatively gentle heating process allows more of its delicious, delicate, heat-sensitive terpenes to reach the consumer. In the hands of a skilled chef, this strain’s distinct flavor can even be passed onto cannabis edibles!

California Indica has a mix of indica and sativa qualities present in its high, making it an extremely enjoyable recreational strain. The two distinct genotypes of its parent strains allow for a diverse range of cannabinoids, including THC and CBD, making it a fine choice for a medicinal cannabis strain.
Even very experienced consumers will be pleased by the lasting potency of California Indica, while cannabis enthusiasts with a lower tolerance should not find the high overpowering or stupefying. The warm, relaxing power of Afghan indica is well-balanced by the cerebral sativa high.

California Indica is a valuable update to Sensi Seeds’ classic citrus-hashish seed strain – all the flavor, resin and potency of the original, with the added advantage of being a cannabis seed strain that’s swift and easy to grow. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, this unique indica-sativa hybrid can give fantastic results in a wide range of conditions. For heavy, fast-flowering plants and deliciously sticky buds, buy California Indica seeds!


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