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pick n mix seeds Review

pick n mix seeds review


pick n mix seeds

pick n mix seeds

pick n mix seeds Whether you are looking for the perfect mother plant, want to smoke something different every day or simply cant decide what seeds to grow, then this is the site for you.

Pick and Mix Marijuana Seeds Offering both single seeds and conventional packs of cannabis seeds from the major seed banks so you can create your dream grow room.

pick n mix seeds aim to be the cheapest place to buy marijuana seeds, and guarantee to beat any online price.
Single seeds from your favourite strains of cannabis seeds!

Information on this site is for persons based in countries where the germination of cannabis seeds is legal. Check local laws carefully. It is illegal to germinate cannabis seeds in the UK. See ‘Thinking about germinating seeds?’.

People are blessed with hundreds of cannabis seeds to choose from but is usually restricted to buying them in packs of 10. This makes building a collection prohibitively expensive and time consuming. We have introduced a way for people to try a variety of seeds.

pick n mix seeds do not charge extra for splitting packs into single seeds. If a pack of ten seeds cost £20 then you can buy 1 seed for £2. Its as simple as that.

pick n mix seeds make it as easy as possible for you to ‘pick and mix’ sensibly. All our seeds have recommendations for compatible seeds based upon their characteristics.

Pick N’ Mix realise that not everyone wants to pick and mix their seeds. Some people know exactly what they want to grow, and want a conventional pack of seeds. That’s fine with us. We aim to be the cheapest place to buy conventional packs of seeds online. If you find identical seeds elsewhere for a better price send us the link and we will almost certainly be able to beat it.

Thinking about germinating seeds?

Think again. At pick n mix seeds Our cannabis seeds are sold as souvenirs. Any information about germinating, growing, smoking or doing anything with seeds other than keeping them as souvenirs is intended only for people who reside in countries where growing Cannabis is permitted. In the UK it is illegal to germinate cannabis seeds without a license from the Home Office.

If we suspect that you intend to germinate or have germinated our cannabis seeds we will refuse sale.

We currently do not ship seeds United States or Australia.

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37 thoughts on “pick n mix seeds Review”

  1. got seeds fast two months after find all seeds are male when i paid for fem total wast of money and time will not use again rip off.

  2. Have used these guys 3 times in total, first two times I waited 5 days for delivery and everything was fine did exactly what it said on the packaging. The third time I ordered it took about 1 week, and not one of the seeds germinated. I didn’t contact them about this as it’s not really fair to expect them to sort it out, but all seeds were from different breeders, and different strains; so perhaps the seeds had been sat around for a while in their stock. I would order again off them, but only full packs.

  3. A pleasure to do business with !..I ordered a white widow,blue cheese and g13.All the beans were big,brown monsters that took about 12 hours to start shooting.Very pleased with the set up..The packaging is reassuring to know ya not buying cabbage plants or summat….Overall outstanding…..Won”t go anywhere else now

  4. disgusting that i just spent 3 hrs going through all the strains and they say they post everywhere and then wont post to australia it says when i am 3/4 of the way through checkout…. they should state not worldwide!!

  5. the top boys for me, ordered four times, one time a seed was crushed and they sorted it out for me no problems no questions asked, quick delivery and the customer service is top. just looked on there site and it does say they dont ship to australia so dunno what the idiot above me is on about. emails can be a bit slow sometimes but just give them a ring and speak to them instead of moaning about it!

  6. Total rip-of!! Ordered of these chancers a right while ago all seeds I ordered where Auto-Fems, two where obviously old dried up seeds and did not even germinate. To add insult to injury the rest turned out to be photo-period an NOT feminised (half turned out to be male :-/ )
    I have been growing for personal use for over 10 years and know my shit inside out, these where definitely not the strains I ordered contrary to the dodgy square of paper supposedly from the seed packet that arrived with them.

  7. have ordered twice off them now first order for 5 fem seeds all germed and what they were supposed to be. the second order was for 16 fem seeds from 2 different seed banks, only 1 germed and that was mutated, all conditions were perfect so i can only put it down to how they stored them. wont use again iv just ordered off seedsman to see if there better.

  8. I ordered November 30th, haven’t received the seeds yet.

    (Dogg will you please update this post if the seeds arrive? thanks Billy Whizz)

  9. Just a heads up to the Canadian consumer to stay away from Pick N’ Mix Seedbank out of the U.K. It would appear that their “stealth” shipping is a scam. Put an order in on Dec.22 2010, item arrived at customs Jan. 2 2011. And it is now Feb. 6, 2011 and item is still being “inspected” by customs.

    1. Some follow up, Pick N’ Mix has told me that they are going to go good on the order and refund my account. Communication has been great. Just a bummer that the boys at Customs now get to plant and grow the seeds. Wish the bastards would order their own….

  10. Total rip-off scam site, no seeds and no communication, stick with the main seedbanks at least you get your orders

  11. Canna Collective is awsome….I you don’t use them you don’t know what you are missing…..have a problem……no worries…they are the best seed bank I have ever used…….period…they got my business. so long attitude…..

  12. hihi pepole, i had always ordered my seeds off this place and had no ever the last two orders i’ve made in the last few weeks i have had a load of dudd seeds not just a couple believe me folks and it’s definately not my methods have emailed them asking about their storage methods etc….so be very cautious, they seem to have really gone downhill!!….wondering if anyone has had the same problems with them lately???

  13. Love this bank, no hassle, no fuss, no attitude. Easy to navigate, clean website, no sales blurb, cheap single seeds that are what they say they are, sent 1st class recorded, I get them next day every time and I’ve probably ordered 15 times..







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