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Heath Robinson Vertical Garden Racks: Part 4

Heath Robinson Vertical Garden Racks: Part 4

4th December 2007, 01:02 PM
A very big thanks to all of you who continue to visit this thread and a big apology to you all for the lack of updates!
anyway on with the show, the system is now running clones which are rooted in a 1 inch block and then put straight into the system which is permanently on 12/12.
I have taken note of the grammes per watt over a long period of time and she is averaging 1.53 gpw which is very efficient if you consider the lack of veg time. A further mod to improve the gpw would be to build a centre wall with pots so there would be in effect two squares surrounding each bulb.
Here are the latest pics, the plants are 7 weeks 12/12 fed on Canna nutrients at an EC of 1.2.


7 weeks 12/12 fed on Canna nutrients at an EC of 1.2.


7 weeks 12/12 fed on Canna nutrients at an EC of 1.2. 1


7 weeks 12/12 fed on Canna nutrients at an EC of 1.2. 3


7 weeks 12/12 fed on Canna nutrients at an EC of 1.2. 5


7 weeks 12/12 fed on Canna nutrients at an EC of 1.2.







And one lifted out of the system to show how the plant bends outward and upwards:



And thats all folks! I hope you enjoyed the vertical journey…


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  1. Hi heath fantastic grows ive read many journals of yours and the cold water header tank with 4 gallon tank sat in it inspired me to design a similar system , only thing i cannot find is what are your plants in before you put them into the 4 gallon tub with hydroton are they sat in grodan cubes or similar , from the pics it looks like the plants are just planted straight into hydroton……do you plant directly to the hydroton or do you have them in a cube of some sort

    many thanks Ent1ty

  2. Hi Dizzy

    It depends on what you want from a system,

    the benefits of the flooded tube are it uses hardly any substrate, and once the system is filled with plants there is very little to do until harvest.

    The downside of it is the amount of cuttings you have to have and also you cannot run it perpetually (harvesting over a period of time)

    The benefits of the rack system is its flexibility, you can run it as a system which you can fill in one go and have a harvest after 9 weeks or so, or run perpetually and fill it over a 9 week period so you are putting in new plants and harvesting once a week or whatever time period suits you.

    The downside is the amount of substrate (clay pebbles) you use, its reusable but has to be washed before re use although if you run it perpetually its not a big problem because you only need to wash out a few pots worth at a time.


  3. Hello Macfly, There was no total weight as it was a perpetual system with plants going in and coming out constantly.

    The Black Rose will definitely be available it more a case of when I decide to release them.



  4. Beautiful work as always. 1.5 gpw.. impressive.. what was the total dry product weigh at? Also, is that the famous Heath’s Black Rose? I would luv to get a chance to raise that, when will it ever be available?

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