Cannabis Recipes

  • Hash Brownie Recipe

    Hash Brownie Recipe

    Hash brownie recipe how to make hash brownies Ok so I’m fairly average in a kitchen and I know my medibles pretty well but I’ve never made HASH brownies before. One of the best known and most appreciated medible eaten by cannabis consumers are Brownies . Although they seem easy to prepare,…

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  • White Chocolate Brownies

    White Chocolate Brownies

    Ingredients: Two white chocolate candy bars1/4 cup softened canna butter1/2 cup cane sugar2 eggs1/8 tsp. Table sale1 tsp. Vanilla extract1/4 tsp. Almond extract (optional)1 cup all-purpose flour1/4 tsp. baking powder Directions: First, preheat the oven to 350 degrees F and then lightly grease/butter a 9″ baking dish. Melt the butter…

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  • marijuana brownies

    Marijuana Pancakes, Brownies and Butter!

    Marijuana Pancakes, Brownies and Butter! Most pot-related cooking starts with the making of “marijuana butter” or “pot butter”.  Our digestive systems can’t break down THC directly, so it must be heated in some way. Also, pot is fat-soluble, not water soluble, so you have to incorporate some kind of fat-containing…

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  • The Health Benefits of Juicing Marijuna

    The Health Benefits of Juicing Marijuna   I juice nearly every day, but never considered adding marijuana to the recipe. There is, however, much evidence to show that juicing raw cannabis can dramatically help relieve many chronic health issues, and add a strong layer of prevention. Juice Your Raw Marijuna…

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  • Reefer Rum marijuana infused rum recipe

    Reefer Rum marijuana infused rum recipe

    Reefer Rum is just what it sounds like, it’s marijuana-infused rum. Don’t underestimate this one because with151 proof rum and 25 grams of weed it is sure to give you both a buzz and get you high. Use this easy-to-follow recipe that is not only great for parties but can…

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  • Pot Dog Recipe Cannabis Hot Dog Recipe

    Pot Dog Recipe Cannabis Hot Dog Recipe Ingredients: 1 tbsp. canna butter1 hot dog1 hot dog bun3 tbsp. grated cheese Directions: First, begin cooking the hot dog either in the microwave or on the grill. Then, take out a small saucepan and melt the canna butter over medium-low heat. Once mostly melted,…

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