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Reefer Rum marijuana infused rum recipe

Reefer Rum is just what it sounds like, it’s marijuana-infused rum. Don’t underestimate this one because with151 proof rum and 25 grams of weed it is sure to give you both a buzz and get you high.

Use this easy-to-follow recipe that is not only great for parties but can be used to make other tasty treats like Reefer Rum Cake!

What you need:
1 medium to a large funnel
1 coffee grinder or weed grinder
Some cheesecloth and a rubber band or a fine mesh strainer
1 container large enough to hold 750ml/26oz of rum
A lot of patients

750ml/26oz 151-proof rum
20-25 grams of your favorite strain of marijuana

1. Important! DECARB your marijuana by placing it on a baking sheet in the oven at 120°F for 30-60 minutes until the cannabis is extremely dry and crumbles with ease.
2. Grind the marijuana down to a very fine powder.
3. Open the rum and pour out just enough to make room for the weed powder, add all of the powder & tightly close the bottle.
4. Shake bottle real good several times a day for about 10-30 days. The longer you age it the better quality Reefer Rum you will end up with.
5. After 10 days min, open the bottle and strain the rum through the cheesecloth or strainer, repeat until all of the marijuana powder is gone (don’t use paper coffee filters).

Serving Suggestions:
Shake well & serve in small amounts (1/2 oz to 1 oz) until you find your tolerance! Takes 60 – 90 minutes to feel the effects of the weed so be patient & enjoy!!

Also works great in various mixed drinks like:
Cannabis Libre, Strong Island Iced Tea, Cannabis Colada, Island Blazed, Caribbean Blaze & more…


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