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Hash Brownie Recipe

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Hash brownie recipe how to make hash brownies

Ok so I’m fairly average in a kitchen and I know my medibles pretty well but I’ve never made HASH brownies before. Pot brownies oh hell ya lots of batches.

I got the idea because I’m sitting on hill o hash and I like pot brownies and hash is better than buds so Me and some friends should be able to get toe back.
The most important thing when cooking with cannabis is “How much product do I put in?”
Marijuana edibles containing too much hash or weed can make one ill or cause nervousness and general uncomfortableness. If you don’t put enough weed then it feels like a total waste and everybody thinks your medibles suck. With hash it would be very easy to do either of the things I just mentioned you ain’t wanna do. So pay the fuck attention…
4-5 grams pulverized powdery hashish (I used some OG Kush bubble hash. You need to grind it up)
1 package of brownie mix (good stuff yo)
1 stick of butter
(not fucking margarine! Butter only ok, butter not margarine, butter, say it with me “only fucking butter”.)
1-2 eggs (check brownie box)
Unbleached Coffee Filter



-Over medium low heat melt one stick of butter on stove in a pan.
-Grind or chop down hash into a fine powder.
-When all butter is melted, slowly add hash a little at a time. So don’t dump all that shit in there at once!
-Turn heat to medium low or the lowest temp the butter will remain simmering.
-Cook for 30 minutes. You can cook longer but you will start to evaporate lots of butta.
-Remove from heat.
-Turn off stove.
-Strain butter through unbleached coffee filter into a jar. Do whatever you want to with hash in coffee filter. I leave it and have a pot of pot coffee tha next day.
-Allow butter to cool.
Most every packaged brownie recipe calls for oil. You will use the hash canna butter to replace the oil cuz oil is nasty to bake wit.
Mix up your shit and cook according to the box.
I always use an 8×8 pan and cut 9 brownies. Nice little brownie that will hit you hard but you should still be able to function. Stoned function but ya.
I believe 4-5 grams of hash for this type of brownies is perfect. You will surely feel the effects you like from the weed high but you shouldn’t feel all geeked out.


It should be noted that I have a big tolerance for cannabis. Also I did not eat these hashish brownies on an empty stomach and neither should you!
One hour before you eat a brownie eat a mango or have a mango smoothie or eat some mango ice cream off your girls booty.
It is a proven fact mangos increase the effects of cannabis. Try it I swear to the Weed Princess it works. I will now and forever eat mangos daily. Real spit!


8 friends/patients verified this hash brownie recipe is the best weed brownies they ever tried


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