DIY Micro Grow Carbon Filter

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DIY Micro Grow Carbon Filter

Many growers these days just grow a small amount of medical marijuana for their own personal use. This many times includes the use of a micro grow cabinet or something similar. If you have a small grow and are starting to worry about the delicious odor of your buds maturing, you should probably start using a carbon filter to scrub the smell out of the air. That is why we are here to show you how to make your very own DIY micro grow carbon filter.

Total time to complete: ~15 min

Total Cost: $20 โ€“ with enough carbon to replace it up to 5 times over.

Compare to this carbon filter:

The materials you will need to make your own carbon filter include:

2 mesh pencil/pen cups โ€“ 1 large and 1 small
(Note: I would buy these at Office Max, I didnโ€™t see them at WalMart, Office Depot, or Staples although each store varies)

diy carbon filter supplies


I would recommend doing this somewhere easy to clean up. The carbon pieces tend to get all over the place so you donโ€™t want to do it anywhere that it could damage the surface.

Here is the step by step guide to build you own DIY Micro Grow Carbon Filter:

1.) Pour some of the carbon into the bigger pencil cup. The goal here is to be able to fit the smaller pencil cup into the larger one and have it be level with the top of the larger pencil cup.


micro grow carbon filter 1


Micro Grow Carbon Filter 2


2.) Pull the smaller cup out and slip it bottom first into the sock.


Micro Carbon Filter 3


Micro Carbon Filter 4


3.) Place this smaller cup back inside the larger cup. You will need to fill the larger cup with the activated carbon so that it completely surrounds the smaller cup all the way up to the rim. A good way to do this is to pour it onto the top of the smaller cup with the sock relaxed while holding onto the end of it. Then pull the sock up slightly and the carbon will fall around to the edges. Use your finger to help guide it in evenly.


Micro Carbon Filter 5


Micro Carbon Filter 6


micro carbon filter 7


4.) Now take the end of the sock and pull it back over the larger cup. Be careful not to pull on it too much at the end or it will dislodge the smaller cup.


Micro grow carbon filter 8


micro grow carbon filter 9


micro grow carbon filter 10


micro grow carbon filter 11


5.) Now twist the end of the sock and pull it back up onto the end of the cup.


carbon filter 12


6.) To finish it off, I like to put a couple pieces of duct tape to secure the two pencil cups together.


Micro Grow Carbon Filter 13


7.) Now just secure your filter to your exhaust fan using your duct tape and you are set! It is generally recommended that you set it up so that the air is sucked through the filter (so putting the filter inside the grow space) rather than pushing the air through it.


carbon filter 14


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