Germinating cannabis seeds

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Germinating cannabis seeds is the initial step on your journey to growing cannabis. Cannabis germination in other words is the very first phases of development where your seeds crack and sprout to become seedlings. These seedlings then begin their growing life cycle and over the coming weeks turn into mature cannabis plants.

In this classification we discuss the various techniques of sprouting cannabis seeds and offer a comprehensive step-by-step on the best ways to sprout weed showing our tried and tested techniques.

The objective of the germination procedure is to turn a healthy seed into a seedling that in turn will be nurtured into a blossoming plant. Sprouting weed seeds is necessary to bring the seed from what is called their ‘dormant’ state. By sprouting your seeds you are basically bringing your seed from its sleep and resuming its development to a seedling.

If you are to sprout 10 cannabis seeds you would anticipate to have a germination rate of around 80 % meaning you have 8 viable seeds that will have sprouted and can be grown in the medium of your choice. Whether they make it through will depend upon the viability of the seeds and exactly how well nurtured they are.

Stages of marijuana seedling growth

To assist you pick the very best cannabis seeds possible see our complete guide and testimonial on seeds.

Soaking is among easiest and most effective methods of sprouting your cannabis seeds. Growers merely put seeds in a cup of warm, distilled tap water and leave to soak for in between 24 and 48 hrs. Throughout this time the tough seed case will break and tap roots will show. When tap roots show up, the seeds are ready to be put in between paper towels, cotton wool or in a medium like rockwool to start sprouting.

Soaking marijuana germination method

Best practice:

– Cover the cup of water with a ceramic plate to keep the heat in and avoid light.
-If seeds float when put in water, delicately tap so the seeds sink. Typically the very best and most viable seeds sink. Your weed seeds must sprout in 2-5 days although sometimes with some strains it can take longer (around 10-15 days).
– Once tap roots show remove the seeds from the water.

This approach needs little preparation and is possibly the most basic germination technique. The disadvantage of its simpleness is that the success rate can differ considerably. To sprout utilizing this approach, growers require a plant pot of good quality soil. The soil has to be wet however not flooded, a good guideline is to water the soil till it runs out of the bottom of the plant pot. Position the seed in a half inch deep hole in the soil and cover with dirt. The seeds will sprout in between 5-7 days although it could take longer depending upon the strain.

Best Practice:

– Keep moist the entire time (do not let dry too much)
– Ensure the plant pot is kept at room temperature level (78F or 26C)
– Spray the dirt with water up until the sprout appears.

Propagation Kit

Propagation Kits

Propagation kits resemble little greenhouses and are common in all kinds of seed germination. They are easy and straight forward to use, with growers positioning seeds in rock wool cubes, adding the germination hormone and closing the cover to enable the magic to take place. All equipment is supplied with each propagation kit and users of this approach have the tendency to have really high germination success rate.

The paper towel approach is possibly the very best understood and the majority of widely used germination method among seasoned and newbie growers alike. This technique yields outstanding results with a high percentage success rate and will be the focus of our step by step ways to guide on ways to germinate cannabis seeds.

Paper towel germination method
Step 1:
Soak seeds in a glass of pure water for around 24 hours (shown above). The seeds normally float in the beginning, sinking to the bottom after a couple of hours. If seeds do not sink give them a gentle tap. If they still float the seeds may not be viable however you need to attempt to try them anyhow.
Germination paper towel method
Step 2:
Take a clean supper plate and lay 2 sheets of kitchen towels on top of it. Moisten the kitchen towels with pure water (if possible, otherwise tap water will do), ensuring to drain off any excess water.
Germination paper towel method
Step 3:
Place the weed seeds in the middle of the moist kitchen towel and cover with 2 added sheets of moist kitchen towel. Put an additional plate on top and place in a warm, dark location. The perfect temperature level would be in between 70-90F or 21-28C. Make sure the seeds continue to be uniformly damp but do not get swamped with water.
Tap roots ready for planting
Step 4:
After around 5-6 days (although sometimes longer depending on your strain) your seeds ought to have established tap roots (white shoots). At this point they are ready to be transferred to your grow medium. If no shoots exist the seeds may never ever sprout,

Step 5:
Prepare your medium, we are demonstrating using dirt nevertheless rockwool cubes or jiffys are similarly as good. The dirt mix ought to be 50/50 mix of perlite and peat moss. Fill a seed plastic or flat cup with the soil mix and water up until filled.

Planting germinated seedsStep 6:
Create a hole in the dirt around half an inch deep. Very carefully position the sprouted seed in the dirt with the white tap root facing down. Cover with soil mix and delicately pat down. You must only use one cannabis seed per cup or seed flat area.  planted seedlings under your grow light making sure the light is no closer than 6 inches on a 16/8 vegetative light cycle, to learn more on light cycles click here.

Step 7:
Within 4-6 days the sprouts will have emerged from the dirt or grow medium you have made use of. After 10-14 days all seedlings ought to have leaves. It is necessary throughout this time to keep the seedlings uniformly moist.

Step 8:
After 2-4 weeks of the seedlings growth you can give feed them with a 1/4 strength fertilizer solution.

Step 9:
Grow seedlings under LEDs, CFL’s or dim HID lights up until they reveal 2-3 sets of fan leaves. It’s crucial at this time they are kept moist. Click on this link to see our lighting guide to read more.1)

Too cold– Seeds require heat to sprout if it’s too cold they will likely die. It’s finest practice to sprout indoors at room temperature level. If growing outdoors enable your seedlings to harden off before moving them outside.2)

Too hot— Just like too cold, it can be too hot when sprouting. It’s crucial to preserve an even temperature level.3)

Too damp— Too much water will flood your seeds oxygen supply triggering the seed to die. Seeds have to be moist to enable a stable supply of oxygen. Guarantee your soil is well drained to avoid water logging.4)

Too dry— similar to too damp your seeds have to be moist, too dry and the seeds will shrivel and diel.5)

Planting too deep— Initial shoots from your sprouting seed do not have adequate strength in their very early phases to move large quantities of dirt. Plant half an inch deep and gently cover with dirt for the best outcomes.6)

Soil too firm— this prevents oxygen from getting your seeds.7)

Non viable seeds— seeds that aren’t kept properly or that are old have less opportunity of germinating. Search for dark brown seeds that feel firm to the pinch.


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  1. That’s a good method, but a couple of wet paper towels is tried and true also. I usually get 95% success with paper towels under plastic wrap. It’s easier to see and doesn’t have the possible rot of being submerged. Just a thought!

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