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Dr Chronic Seed Bank Review

Dr Chronic Seed Bank Review


Dr Chronic Seed Bank Review. Dr Chronic seeds Cannabis seeds bank has been established since Early 2002 however I have been trading since August 1988 not only do we offer a cyber store but also a real store made from bricks you are welcome to visit us to view a wide Variety of goods

Dr Chronic Seed Bank Review
Dr Chronic Seed Bank Review

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Our Philosophy

At Dr. Chronic We stand as a proud member of the Cannabis community. We believe in furthering the understanding of cannabis and its many uses as well as having an open and honest attitude towards its ecological, economic, and social impact, as opposed to the sometimes negative propaganda that surrounds this infamous plant.

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Dr. Chronic ship using the following methods you can select which one at check out…


Stealth with breeder packs/seeds repacked

This means Dr. Chronic will take the seeds out of their original packs repack them in a safe and stealthy manner and send them to you and included the original seed pack with your shipment, large orders will be sent in multi orders

Stealth without breeder packs

As above but without breeder packs, we will code the seeds so you know what is what if you choose more than one variety…

UK CUSTOMERS: We will send your seeds unopened in the original breeder packs. They are then placed into a discrete DVD case for your peace of mind.

Orders placed in the Uk will be delivered next working day where possible, orders to

Europe and the rest of the world can take anywhere between 14-21 days however this depends on your local postal service.




    For the first of all: Ordered seeds was samples, but that have to be bonus!!!
    The store is not responsible for products that are sold. I have got immature seeds, which, moreover, do not germinate. When I asked for the replacement, they sent me to the supplier (DP), which asked me information that they need and then sent replacement, at the same time surprised relation to the customer!
    dr chronic – a simple reseller who wants money.
    I do not recommend to deal with them strictly.
    So I paid $ 50 and as a result I have got nothing from dR.chonic. After losing a lot of time for conversations, I’ll probably get a replacement seeds directly from seed bank (DP).
    And I recommend to deal with the Dutch Passion!

  2. have been using dr chronic safely for years now, the speed and quality of service is incredible. really like the new website, much better than that old one! good selection of feminised seeds and world shipping. paid with credit card and got my order to the states in 5 days


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