Dr Chronic Seed Bank Review

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Dr Chronic Seed Bank Review


Dr Chronic Seed Bank Review. Dr Chronic seeds Cannabis seeds bank has been established since Early 2002 however I have been trading since August 1988 not only do we offer a cyber store but also a real store made from bricks you are welcome to visit us to view a wide Variety of goods

Dr Chronic Seed Bank Review
Dr Chronic Seed Bank Review

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Our Philosophy

At Dr. Chronic We stand as a proud member of the Cannabis community. We believe in furthering the understanding of cannabis and its many uses as well as having an open and honest attitude towards its ecological, economic, and social impact, as opposed to the sometimes negative propaganda that surrounds this infamous plant.

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Dr. Chronic ship using the following methods you can select which one at check out…


Stealth with breeder packs/seeds repacked

This means Dr. Chronic will take the seeds out of their original packs repack them in a safe and stealthy manner and send them to you and included the original seed pack with your shipment, large orders will be sent in multi orders

Stealth without breeder packs

As above but without breeder packs, we will code the seeds so you know what is what if you choose more than one variety…

UK CUSTOMERS: We will send your seeds unopened in the original breeder packs. They are then placed into a discrete DVD case for your peace of mind.

Orders placed in the Uk will be delivered next working day where possible, orders to

Europe and the rest of the world can take anywhere between 14-21 days however this depends on your local postal service.




  1. thanks so much for my seeds, glad you guys are under new management now. back to the old days. i wasnt expecting those freebies, thanks! bring back hg420!

    Cant believe how stealthy your packaging was. I sat looking it it for ages till i worked that one out. Sure fooled me. Keep up the good work and thanks for all the free merch it means alot to an old stoner….

  2. Been using the Doc for years and have never had a problem. But i must say, now they are under new management, the service has only improved! Super friendly, very helpful and great germ rates. Also the new packaging is A+.

    Fuck Attitude, im sticking with the DOC!.

  3. ordered some jack from his sensi seed line, don’t know what troubles the other folks are trippin bout but i had no problems. answered his email and got the product to me.
    i enjoyed looking at those fucking seeds.

  4. i do a command for sour diesel two month ago.it s out of stock but the dr dont tell that on his site.after lot of mail and bad night i have received by my choose ak 47 seed today.the doctor dont scam me but he isn t very serious.lot of strain are out of stock and on the site are available.one time you have paid it s too late.good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I did a sample purchase from the Dr. about four months ago. Of the five feminized hash bomb seeds ordered, four germinated quickly. Three reached “sexing” stage, with two producing good strong females. First harvest from those clones is due within the next five to six weeks, but looking good so far. Received notification at time order was initiated online, followed by confirmation of receipt for formal order and payment through the mail, as well as notification that order had shipped. Stealth packaging was good. Can’t attest to the final quality and potency at this time, but it sure looks and smells good. Time will tell.
    I’ve read a couple of bad reviews regarding Dr. Chronic, but my experience was good. Did I just get lucky?

  6. it s son of the bitch he fly me 130 euros i never receive my seed.what they can continued to do this without that nothing happens to them.he is a shame for the cannabis world

  7. placed order in September of 2011. In December of 2011 received first contact. Said they did not have my seeds. So I asked if I could substitute seeds. No reply or contact since then. It will be February in two days. So five/six months, no seeds. Wasted 132 on this bastard. They only accept cash. Suspicious at best. Should have been a tip off bout the ripoff.

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