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Growing Marijuana Guide Difference Between Male And Female Cannabis Flowers

it is important to distinguish female and male plants so you can remove the male plant

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Difference Between Male And Female Cannabis Flowers, Your plants will usually begin to show signs of their sex before flowering, but the signs are quite subtle. You will most likely have the best luck and make the least mistakes by waiting until the plants have been flowering for a little bit. If you don’t see signs of sex yet, you can start the Flowering Stage.

female cannabis preflowers
female cannabis preflowers

it is important to distinguish the difference between male and female cannabis flowers so you can remove the male plants and let the female plants bloom to the end. The male plant develops seed capsule, while the female plant forms some white pistils on the calyx

When the nights are long enough (end of July), the plant starts flowering. In indoor breeding, this can be imitated by a 12-hour light phase and a 12-hour dark phase, thereby triggering the flowering phase of the plants. ,

From this day on, you can start counting the days needed for the variety you grow: if the cannabis strain you are growing indicates a flowering period of 8 weeks, it means the plant is ready to be harvested after 56 days. Female pistils form on the plant after 7 – 14 days. As for the nutrients, the plants will need more phosphorus and potassium.

This page includes photographs of males and females so that you can differentiate between males and females as easily as possible. The differences can most easily be examined by using a magnifying glass. You want to look at the nodes, where the branches meet the main stem.

Difference Between Male And Female Cannabis Flowers

Difference Between Male And Female Cannabis Flowers
Difference Between Male And Female Cannabis Flowers

The preflowers of the male and female marijuana plant are quite distinctive. The male preflower consists of short rounded structures, whereas the female preflower consists of long hairs. Look for these features. The images on this page should help you identify the sex of your plants.

The pictures below are photographs of a male plant (left) and a female plant (right) with the differences highlighted.

Difference Between Male And Female Flowers
Difference Between Male And Female Flowers

Hermaphrodite Marijuana Pictures

Due to bad environmental conditions (eg bad light conditions) or poor genetics, it can happen that plants start to form both sexes. This is called hermaphrodite or hermi . As long as only a male flower occurs in the female bud, you should not panic immediately and just remove it carefully and completely (with tweezers).

The Picture below shows male flowers located in the female bud often nicknamed (Male Bananas)

Male flowers in female bud
Male flowers in female bud

If you have used bad quality seed the plant may turn into a full-blown hermaphrodite, these plants are usually initially a female plant which begins to develop a few male flowers which quickly increases and ends up all over the plant.

cannabis hermaphrodite showing male flowers
cannabis hermaphrodite showing male flowers

Such a plant must be removed from the flower room immediately otherwise it would pollinate all the other female plants. Which would result in a harvest full of hermi seeds.  High-quality seeds from well-known manufacturers, such as those sold at the top rated seed banks, rarely produce hermaphrodite plants.

Once you’ve determined the sex of your plants, you should remove your males to allow the females to grow sensimilla.

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