Heath Robinson Aeroflo 56 cannabis grow

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Heath Robinson Aeroflo 56 cannabis grow
Archived grow from the HG420.com forum 2005
in this video Heath grows the Green Giant x Ak-47 feminized by spice bros in the Aeroflo system.

Here are some of the Questions and answers  Heath replied to that give some information on how he did this grow.

Heath: Here is my Aeroflo 56 running for the first time,

there are 40 Green Giant x Ak-47 feminized grown from cuttings, and 10 Green Giant feminized seed plants and a couple of clone only strains towering at the back. They are on day 19 of 12/12.

Its the first time I have run an Aeroflo and I have to say they are a nice bit of kit, I have heard a few horror stories about how temperamental they can be but so far so good.

This is also my first run with Spice Bro’s Green Giant x Ak-47 and so far its the perfect Sog strain with buds running the length of the plant

The Green Giants and the clones were really too big to put into this system but I thought bugger it!


Q Chavez420: Looks good heath! what gramage per watt do ya get using this system bro?

A Heath: I haven’t run this system or plant before but an experienced grower would expect to achieve over a gram per watt.


Q thedude:  Heath i just notcied the Magnifying glass in the pic bro, Dont forget you left with GGxAk plants in the areo system over by the side, Also how much room do you allow for root mass with the areo system, im really curious about this as i have read and heard that areo systems dont need anywere near as much room for root mass, and whn i say nowere near as much im talking like 1/8 the same size root mass. Just curious what you have fuond about this, btw thanks again for all the insperation and the quality grows.

A Heath: Good question and the answer is the more efficient your grow the smaller the roots, I forgot to take a pic of the roots for you but there isnt masses of roots like you would imagine. I think the secret is to supply your roots with plenty of dissolved Oxygen and try to avoid air gaps because these create “cord” roots which are thick and smooth. The most efficient roots are thin and covered in hairs, these roots create a large surface area.

Some great grows can be achieved in 4″ rockwool blocks due to the quality of the roots these blocks promote.


Q Willow:Sweet, Heath Kick ass, I too will soon own a 60 spot aeroponic system, I can’t wait and been doing alot of research to understand the system. I just want to be able to pop in 50 – 60 seedlings and clones and let them grow.

I so far gathered general Hydroponics 8 bucket drip system with 15 gallon res! sweet deal!

A Heath: The best advice I can give you when you get your aeroponic system is to always grow from clones as they flower shorter and sooner than seedplants


Q jaypee: Heath love your grow. How long did you vegg your GG/Ak47 how tall when flipped and how tall are they at day 20?

A Heath: I have a few figures to give you an idea of the size of the plants from when they were put into flower to now.

Start of 12/12 and Now

3 1/2″ = 15 1/2″
2 2/4″ = 14″
2 1/2″ = 19″
3 1/2″ = 17″
2″ = 15″

So you can see that one of the main factors to how tall the plant will grow when flowered small is not the hight of the plant but how well the root system has developed.


Q Petfish: hey heath is there any ways to grow that you havent tried.
whats the best system youve done?

A Heath: Hi m8. I have grown lots of plants in most systems, I cant think of one I havent grown in. My next grow is in a 24 pot multiflow type system because I have a backlog of plants I need to grow and flower out. Then I think I will give the grow diaries a rest and watch you other growers

I can understand why growers stick with the same system and plants, especialy if they are getting good results, but I get bored easily and changing systems and plants helps improve your growing skills. Plus if you dont try different things you would never know if there is a better way. And because im a good lad and listened to my mothers advice which is ” A change is as good as a rest!” Lol.


Q king ghoul: Which nutrients are you using and how long do you veg for?

A Heath: cheapest nutes on the market Ionic! and no veg time for Sog girls!


Q GeneticFreak: hello heath,  I’m just wondering what ppm you maxed out the ak47xgg at? thanks

A Heath: No probs GF, A CF of 12 which is about 6oo ppm


Q Cone: So going back to the nutes what do you think about the advanced nutrient range? especially the pirhana & vodoo! do you think there gimicks or what!

A Heath: Nowthen Cone, I think that AN make a lot of money from a lot of products, if you are happy to buy them they will be happy to sell them!. I have seen them spamming threads telling new growers how they will increase their yields by 50% if they use this product or that.

I always have a little chuckle to myself when I see proud AN users starting their growthreads with a linup of “essential” nutrients needed to stimulate root and plant growth which has cost them ££££. Im sure that AN nutes do work, I am also sure that cheaper nutes work just as well.


Q el capitan: Heath, I’ve always used Ionic Boost. Do you prefer pk13/14 over boost, and if so your reasons?
Oh, compliments on another beautiful grow show.

A Heath: Thanks el capitan, No I dont prefer PK 13/14 its just that you need hardly any PK, but you have to use quite a lot of boost. They both do the same job so it saves money to use the PK.



Hello Heath. This is definately a very impressive show you’ve put on, bravo to you good sir!

I myself am planning on upgrading to dual 600w HPS as soon as the space I will be using becomes available and you’re results so far are very encouraging! I was wondering if you could possibley tell me what the dimensions of your flowering area are.(feet or meters  ) I also noticed that you said you were wiping down the glass which I’m guessing means you are running air cooled lamps, if this assumption is correct I would love to know how you have your venting setup.

Thanks again for sharing all this with us, I hope that I haven’t asked something already covered in the thread (it’s rather late here and I am well past due to go to sleep)

Best wishes to you, looking forward to reading your next update

A Heath: Welcome Dr.LOAD, My flowering area is 5′ x 8′ I have taken a picture of the shades I am using and how they are linked together. Looks like you have great timing arriving just in time for the harvest!

 The finished weight was 47.5 Oz so im well pleased
Heath Robinson Aeroflo 56 cannabis grow
Heath Robinson Cannabis
Aeroflo harvest
Commercial Cannabis Grow
heath robinson commercial harvest

Hi everyone thanks for stopping by, this has been one of the easiest grows I have done, the Aeroflo ran itself and the Green Giant/ AK’s are about as good as it gets thanks again Fet .

I was amazed when I looked at the GG/AK’s that jaypee is growing out it just shows we either both picked the same pheno or they are very stable, The finished weight was 47.5 Oz so im well pleased.

Hi jaypee I didnt use Co2 on this grow, I dont know if you are using clones or seedplants, these are from clones picked from the fastest flowering seedplant, I have found that clones usually finish about a week before seedplants, I dont normally use Co2.

Q sysprog: Now dat’s what I’m talking about!! I’m not the only one who isn’t trying to get 2000ppm nute concentrations, lol. I was beginning to think it was these BC Technaflora series but I rarely get above 1/2 recomended dosage. Either that or I just get lucky with lite feeding strains

A Heath: Hi sysprog,

I have been trying to get this message across for years, lots of studies have been done on the effects of nutrient levels on different types of plants. Below is a typical dose response curve which shows three distinct zones, a deficient zone 0 – 24 where there are insufficient nutrients for healthy growth, a tolerant zone between 50 – 100 where sufficient nutrients are available , and a toxic zone 100 – 124+ where the concentration is too high for healthy plant growth.









You will notice from the chart that the curve in the tolerant zone is flat, therefore there is no advantage in yield from using a stronger or weaker solution.




Response to Nutrient Applications

Index Interpretation (nutrient level
within the plant) Expected Crop Response to Nutrient Application


0–24 deficient (D) high
25–49 low (L) medium
50–74 sufficient low
75–99 high (H) none
100–124+ excess (E) none

Cheers, Heath Robinson







  1. A CF of 1,2
    dont know about PH as I never test it
    I dont use Reverse Osmosis (RO) as I am in a soft water area,
    Rez change every 2 weeks,
    I have never used Calmag.


  2. what was you ppms and ph week by week did you use RO water did you change your reservoir weekly and if so did you add calimag to every feeding?

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