Soil Vertical Garden

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Soil Vertical Garden

Soil Vertical Garden This octy is about 5 years old, and about to undergo some major changes…

80 plants under 3000 watts, air-cooled, no co2, with the best harvest being 5-3/4 lbs of afghooey and matanuska mist (using 50/50 powerflower & perlite w/Metanaturals nutes).

the plants are clones from 3 different sources, all of which were transplanted into those 5″ pots about a week b4 these shots. Only 2 of the lights are on in the pic, when they’re ready for full veg, they’ll get dropped and the 3rd light will get turned on.

The “purple” strain is a mystery to me – it’s from southern humboldt – I tossed a couple tiny girls in my last run, and they didn’t seem to be great yielders, didn’t turn purple to speak of, but they tasted AWESOME – they had a crazy aftertaste that reminded me of Bergamot/Earl Grey tea….

anyways by the time this run is done, the octy will be in a bigger room with a co2 burner and a home-made vertitube,

In the air-cooled octagon, the 8-inch exhaust above the lights has to be permanently on, with a large floor fan under the lights, blowing up towards it, creating a constantly moving column of air moving over the lights.

Needless to say, that’s not exactly an efficient environment for introducing CO2!

Thus was born the tube! Cool air from outside passing over my lightbulbs and venting into my attic or house, for odor-free heating!

I’ve been dreaming of a tube since I built this thing 5 years ago – but with the recent boom in air-cooled tube lights – I finally decided to bite the bullet.

Pre-made vertical light tubes can be purchased locally, at a cost of $579 to $649.

I just patched together a do-it-yourself version using inexpensive tube-lights, with the help of my local shop guys, for just $360! And that even includes the ducting!

3 cheap “Air Cylinders”
2 6″ metal collars
1 cool base that they stocked at the local store
some 6″ ducting

Two of the “Air Cylinders” , the base, and one of the tin collars:

soil vertical garden

soil vertical garden

 If my ceilings weren’t about 6″ shorter than normal, I’d be able to install a 6″ elbow at the top, and run the ducting along the ceiling.
As it is, the tube will be pushing air into the attic through a 6″ hole in the ceiling.

Once it’s installed and wired in, the joints will be sealed with metal HVAC tape, and the tube will be strapped to the floor and the ceiling for stability/earthquake safety.

soil vertical grden

Changing bulbs every 3 months will mean untaping the joints, disconnecting the ducting at the top and quickly disassembling it.

soil vertical

soil vertical

soil vertical

soil vertical

soil vertical grow

soil vertical grow

Just a pic of the Octagon with the shelves all spread out, so y’all can get an idea of the amount of canopy involved.
As a reference, the shelves are 2 feet wide, and the ceiling is 8 feet tall.

Strain Guide:
Left 2 Shelves = Dynamite
Middle 4 Shelves = G13xHP (w/4 “purples”)
Right 2 Shelves = Dynamite
Top Plants of Every Shelf = “Purple” – this stuff was vegging so slow, that I put 2 plants in each pot to make up for the small size.

Soil Vertical Garden

Once again, the soil I started with was too hot. They got flushed a lil less than a week ago

hehe well, it’s the first time i’ve tried to do a bud close-up, and it’s really just a lil bit I had lyin around…. this is the dynamite from last round…
so… no, density’s not really a problem inherent in vertical gardening.

soil vertical grow

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