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Heath Robinson Vertical Garden Racks: Part 2

Heath Robinson Vertical Garden Racks: Part 2

Heath Robinson Vertical Garden Racks archived from the HG420 Forums  12th April 2007, 05:06 AM

And a pic showing the used nutrients dropping down to the next level, this pic was taken at the opening into the system:

pots draining into gutter


The nutrient return from all the system, all the guttering is connected together and the red tank is a sump res with a pump fitted with a float, when the level in the res triggers the float  the pump comes on and empties this res into a 45 gallon drum, I did this to allow the vertical to sit as low as possible to the ground.
the pump comes on and empties this res into a 45 gallon drum.


One of 2 vertical bulbs


2 AKxOmisty I hand watered to test the pot angle:

2 AKxOmisty I hand watered to test the pot angle:



V3 seedlings in pots:

NLxG13/W seedlings:

1st May 2007, 05:59 AM

Hi Kilo,

I have a seperate 210 L barrel which has a 7000L per hour pump in it, this is controlled by a
simple segment timer to come on 3 times a day for 15 mins, this pump supplies the dripper
lines. so when this pump is on the drippers start up, the nutrient drops through the pot into the
guttering which in turn goes to the the res.

This res also has a pump but this one is rated at 4000L, it has a float switch on it (sump
pump) so when the level in the res reaches a predetermined hight set by the float the pump
swiches on and empties the res into the 210 L barrel, so its quite simple in operation although
I have probably made it sound complicated!

Hi GD,

Yes you would love it, no problems so far its been running itself.

Cheers kr1nge

Nowthen Cone

Yes the ak x o misty tends to show preflowers early and flowers early, probably due to both
parents showing the same traits! I am looking forward to running quite a few of my crosses
through this system to see how they perform. And there are 84 plants in total in the system.


I forgot to get the details of the pump for you but I promise I will at the next update, if I had
been running drippers instead of open lines it wouldn’t have been a problem, but as the feed
pipes are unrestricted there is quite a lot of flow.
I made this system so I could easily move the pots around, I thought this would be vital
seeing as I am growing from seed. All I have to do to move a pot is pull out the feed pipe and
thats it!

Hi Deviant,

I don’t think roots growing out of the pot will be a problem, if you look at the latest pics of
the two largest plants which are well into flower there is hardly any root growth out of the

Hey Ozstix,

I didn’t realise you were such a word smith! lol, nice to see you looking in.

Hi Scott & Stackin,

There are 84 pots in total, so it gives me a nice amount of seeds I can grow out in one go.
there are
10×3 = 30 on the back row 30
6×3 = 18 on on each side 36
3×3 = 9 on the side where the enterance is 18
for a total of 84 plant sites.

Hey SP,

Good to have you here at the start!, next time I renew the nutrients I will try get some better
pics of the res and also the 210 L drum which is supplying the system. I tried to explain how
it works in the post to Kilo.

Kr@kEn , lets hope it turns from a DIY thread into a nice grow thread, keep your fingers
crossed for me!.

Cheers TokenZen,neither can I, lol

Hi Mr P,

I think there are 17 cuttings in there including the two big ones and the rest are (edit says to
self what a thick twat I am) seedlings. And just for you, here are the latest pic’s.

The cuttings:

The cuttings:

And the seedlings at different stages of growth:

And the seedlings at different stages of growth:

And the seedlings at different stages of growth:1

And the two cuttings I hand watered to test the system:

And the two cuttings I hand watered to test the system:

16th May 2007, 05:08 AM

Cheers Soul ,

To answer your later question about favoring the NLx over the CMx, the honest answer is I
havent grown out enough of the CMx to know for sure but that will change shortly as I am
starting 20 seeds tomorrow under 12/12 lighting and they will be going in as soon as they
show preflowers.


I prefer to leave the bulbs bare, I have done quite a lot of testing with the cooltubes compared
to bare bulbs and the very small benefit of being able to place the plants approx 4inch closer
isn’t outweighed by the light loss created by the glass in the tube. If you hang a naked bulb
you would be surprised how close a plant can grow to it without burning, as most of the heat
is convected upwards.

Hey Jetson,

Your not wrong the growth is great I just hope its not too great! some of them are already
getting to the hight I would like them to finish at.


I don’t talk dirty to them but they get the next best thing, music from a radio tuned into
Virgin!. I set this system up with ease of use in mind, I only visit the grow once a week so I
need it to be reliable and as you have observed the pots are really easy to move around.
You wont see any record breaking with regards to yield as this rig is primarily to test seeds.
But if I get fed up of growing seeds then I will fill her with clones and see how she does.
Strange thing is I am already thinking about constructing a totally different vertical, I think I
may have a problem!! Lol.

Neither can I RadChad,

Thanks for stopping by.

Nice one Moggs I hope you post up a thread of it

Thanks Mr Ghoul,

Things should get interesting soon as they get too tall, burn on the bulbs, crowd each other
out etc lol.

Ok here is an update from Sunday, sorry I haven’t posted up before now but I have been a bit

Seedlings at various stages:

Seedlings at various stages:

Seedlings at various stages: 1



24th May 2007, 06:04 AM

Scott,Jetson,killacheeba,FOE,kopite,sysprog,db805 and bongzilla420, thanks for calling
in its great to see so many of you interested in vertical growing


When I make up any large dripper system I try to get the pressure equal throughout the
system. I do this by making a “ring main” so the drippers are in effect fed from two
directions. On this particular grow the tees supplying the ring main from the pump are in
effect upside down this means that the ring fills ensuring equal pressure on each run.
Try stay clear of flow controllers if you can as they tend to be unreliable, if the pressure from
your pump reduces for whatever reason eg slightly blocked filter, then the flow controlled
drippers tend to stop.

Hi .Soul,

The CMxG13/W has a heavier yielder but is a bit more prone to bud rot also up to press the
V3 has been better quality, but as mentioned before I haven’t run equal numbers of
them so its not a fair comparison.
Good air exchange is often the key to a successful grow, it seems to be a low priority for
many growers but if you take the time to get it right it will reward you with lower temps,
healthier faster growing plants and increased yield.
I didn’t realise you were using Co2, if I were you I would definitely stop using it and ventilate
your room properly. When you get to the point where you cannot improve your yield because
everything is as perfect as you can get it, then its time to use Co2. !f you use it before you are
simply wasting your time.

Holidays were great m8, in fact im off again at the end of next month! lol.
You have got it spot on fredster, the whole idea ids to juggle the plants around at different
stages of growth so they receive the maximum available light at all stages. In fact after I took
the latest pics I did just that but I couldn’t be bothered to take any more pics so it will have to
wait until next time.
I have been toying with the idea of doing a tree grow with the Hydrovator/Multiflow because
I believe if I made up 4 large buckets and filled them with hydroton I could grow some nice
trees, I would only have to make a larger control bucket.
You probably have some thoughts on this but I am also toying with the idea of hanging my
adjusta wing shades vertically at the outside of the plants with the usual bare vertical bulb in
the center. My reasoning behind this is I have always thought I am wasting light on the outer
bulbs which are near the walls , whereas if I use a big spread reflector I might deliver more
light to the trees? let me know what you think.

Nowthen Cone ,

I am doing a little juggling act with the nutrients to keep the flowering plants and seedlings
happy! I am feeding 75% flower 25% grow it seems to be working very well up to press.

Mr Ghoul,

Yes I hand watered the original two on the same nutrient mix as I am running now to test that
it would work.

Hey CI,

When I first started growing indoors vertical lamps with a small parabolic reflector was all
you could buy, so when you hear of people claiming to have “invented” the concept they are
taking the mick (whoops, showing my age now! lol). To answer your question, no it wouldn’t
hurt but the light output from either end of the bulb is very poor indeed and only very large
footprint parabolic’s are of any use as they catch some of the light further away from the bulb.

Hi spud ,

I use 600w hps Sylvania Growlux bulbs, I have tried many other makes but I have settled on
these, I consider them the best. I dont have too much waste to get rid of, the pebbles are
reusable and the plants are either chopped and turned into mulch or burned.

JackKerouac ,

The internal area is 4 ft x 6ft and yes the light are slightly above center this is for when the
largest plants are placed in the bottom row.
Ok update time, things are going well and the system is budding up nicely, after I took these
pics I sorted out the pots so next time I update the taller plants will be on the bottom row.

Cuttings are approx 4 weeks into 12/12.

cuttings at 4 weeks

cuttings at 4 weeks 1

Seed plants grown 12/12 from seed:

Seedplants grown 12/12 from seed:

Click Here For Part 3


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