Heath Robinson Vertical Garden Racks: Part 3

Heath Robinson Vertical Garden Racks: Part 3

Heath Robinson Vertical Garden Racks archived from the HG420 Forums 1st June 2007, 05:52 AM


Cheers Cone, Liquid,greekgrower, CI, Soul, Frog, Moggs, Hash, AnvilChorus and
CAN_O_BISS. thanks for the kind comments and for sticking with the grow.


Strange as it may sound finding new keepers gets more difficult the more seeds you grow
out!. When I first started I had such a small amount of seeds to select from nearly every one
was a keeper, but now I am a bit spoiled and I probably only find something better than what
I already have every 6 months or so. I’m not complaining though Its a nice position to be in!
Ps loved the Heath Robinson drawing, you can see why I chose the name.


Things are working out well so far even though the plants are at different stages of bloom. I
never flush in any case as I don’t like to feed at high nutrient concentrations. But if I did want
to run 2 tanks with different nutrients it would be very easy to split the feed system into two,
lets hope I dont need to! lol.


Your probably right about the reflectors but the adjusta wings have a nice spread so I will
give it a go just because I can change to bare bulbs very easily. I plant on testing them with 2
600w hanging vertically on the outer side of two plants with a bare 600 in the middle and see
how it goes, got to be worth a try.

I never attempted to try turn a tree to get more even light I suppose thats where the shades
would be nice If I can get them to work. I have the perfect room to do the 10’x10′ room with
the lights in an “X” pattern and the 4 plants in a diamond pattern, so if it works out with the
two plants I can up it to four. first things first though, the room in mind is just being rigged up
for a SOG dripper grow so the tree grow will have to be down the line somewhere.

GG ,

I more or less answered your question answering FOE, but yes it could easily be adapted to
supply different nutrients to separate areas for different stages of growth/strains. And seeing
as I dont use the cooltubes anymore I have a few of them lying around collecting dust! lol.

spud–1 ,

I wont be too specific but the secret to any clone grow is the ability keep healthy mother
plants and be confident that if you take 1000 cuttings you will have 100% success or as near
that as humanly possible. I keep my big mother plants in water/aquafarms and the cuttings are
rooted in 1″ rockwool blocks as these will transplant into any medium once rooted.

Ok time for my weekly update, things are running smoothly with no problems yet! pic’s show
all stages of flower from old to new.



8th June 2007, 12:18 PM

Cheers Clicker, WarezHaxor, Scott, greekgrower and skunkymoney

Hi Fredster

The tree grow is going to happen, I am rooting through some seed plants an clones to find an
ideal candidate. I like the idea of the fan blowing upwards to the bulb, its what I do in the
circular verticals but I hadn’t thought of it on a tree grow

You got it POE , I dont understand the bit about the top spinner though im having one of
my dim moments! lol.

Ok here are the pics from a few days ago, I thought I had already updated this thread so

View through the opening into the vert:

View through the opening into the vert:


14th June 2007, 09:37 AM
Hi Jetson, BurNtOut, Hash and manicobsession thanks for hanging with the thread
Things are a bit hectic lately and I am struggling to keep updating this thread, but the vert is
running smoothly and it has started kicking out around 8 plants per week, but here are some
pics taken from a few days back, lights have just gone off.




27th June 2007, 08:26 AM

easy, moggs, Liquid, FOE, Shaggy, longdivision, scott, DejaVu, greekgrower, Hash,
Fijian and last but by no means least the vertical maestro himself butler.

I really
appreciate all of you stopping by this grow, I have been struggling with time lately and its all
you lot who have made me continue updating so thanks for giving me the kick up the arse!

Hi Jetson,

Growing from seed under 12/12 using different strains was never going to break any records!.
Having said that the seed plants so far have ranged from 1/4 to 3/4 Oz although there are
some coming through the system which will easily weigh more. The small cuttings averaged
just over 3/4 Oz and the large cuttings 1 1/4 Oz.
Cheers Cone the fan is just what I need, the BlackCrow is about 7 or 8 weeks in to flower, its
hard to judge when you flower 12/12 from seed. Have a look at the latest pics, even if I say so
myself she is beautiful!.

Hey RR

If I grow from cuttings I definitely trim them up as I want them spaced close together and to
grow a single cola, so all the way through veg and flower I remove unwanted and weak
growth and trim the stem about a third of the way up. Growing 12/12 from seed means that
the plant grows a single cola without much help so I dont tend to do much on this grow.

Hi Fredster ,

I clean forgot about your hight question (sorry!) so I haven’t got the info to hand for you but I
will get it. Now this is running to full capacity its churning the plants out every week. If I
decided to run this with clones as opposed to seeds things would be very easy indeed. I could
put in an exact no of plants every week knowing that in 9 weeks time the same number of
plants would be harvested. Its also a nice relaxing way to grow in a vertical because for a
change I don’t need to keep a big mother plant and take 100+ cuttings I could just take 10 a
week and these could come from the plants which had just been put into the system. Dunno If
I would have the balls to do it where you are though!.

Hi bf7 (Bullfrog7)

of course I remember you,
Yes I do remember telling you that vertical growing is addictive! but I am glad you have
caught the bug, I believe that even on a small scale the verts take some beating for yield.
Ok here is the latest update showing all the various stages of growth, check out the
BlackCrow she is one of the reasons I built the vert.

Ps the bit that looks like budrot in some of the pics is in fact the light from my torch, I took
the pics in pitch black because I had forgot my lamp!







black rose cannabis

black rose cannabis 1

black rose cannabis 2

black rose cannabis 4

black rose cannabis 6

25th July 2007, 07:45 AM

Big thanks to all of you who have contributed to this thread
I will only update now if something comes through the room which I think you might like to
see as I feel like I am posting the same thing over and over again! lol
So here’s a much needed update, lots of changes since I last posted. I have removed the top
row as I want to run about 50 plants, the reason for this is I have built a feeder room and it
will supply 50 plants comfortably from seed or clone.
The other modification is the splitting of the feed pipes so the remaining two levels are fed
from different pumps/res, the reason for this is to experiment with different feeding times and
it also allows me to do a side by side comparison between different nutrient concentrations
and or nutrient brands. Oh and I now have a big fan laid on its back circulating air throughout
the grow.

Excuse some of the pic’s as they were taken in the dark and some are slightly out of focus.





Click Here For Part 4


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