How To Make Cannabis Tincture

How To Make Cannabis Tincture

Thinking about all those people who love the effects of cannabis but for various reasons prefer not to smoke … let’s explain a simple method to prepare a great cannabis tincture.

How To Make Cannabis Tincture

. What is Cannabis Tincture?

It is a way to extract the psychoactive and medicinal properties of the plant and to consume cannabis without smoking. With this method, we save our respiratory system from potential damage without sacrificing the potency of cannabis.

How is the Cannabis tincture prepared?

Before making your cannabis tincture you must first decarboxylate your dried buds.

How To Make Cannabis Tincture Making the tincture is really simple, we only need a few ingredients and a good deal of patience, because we marinate the mixture for at least four weeks.

Let’s see what we need, but bear in mind these amounts are rather large, and the tincture can always be made with lower proportional amounts:

how to make cannabis tincture with vodka or any other high alcohol drink.

  • cannabis, 50 grams of dried buds or leaves with trichomes, leftover manicure trim.
  • Vodka, gin, rum … We need a high alcohol drink, in this case, we will use a bottle of vodka.
  • A wide-necked jar (which fits the entire contents of the bottle of vodka along with the buds and trim).

Cannabis Tincture Alcohol Recipe..

The preparation is very simple, place the cannabis (leaves, buds, or a mixture of both), you need not crumble. Then pour the vodka so it covers all the cannabis, ideally pours the whole bottle if you are using fifty grams of grass. Then close the jar and shake gently to allow the vodka to penetrate. We put a label with the date so that we do not forget when we did the preparation and then keep the jar in a cool, dark place.

It is very important to keep the jar out of the light, in particular, the sun as it degrades THC, and the tincture will lose a lot of its potency. A wardrobe is an ideal place to store our jar with the prepared tincture. It must now be left there for four weeks, gently shaking the jar once a week.

Over the coming weeks, we will see how the vodka is changing color, first turning green and then turning dark brown. This is completely normal.

cannabis tincture ready to filter


When the four weeks have passed, we will open the jar and leave it open for a week, this allows the alcohol to evaporate leaving a minimum concentration of alcohol. After allowing the alcohol to evaporate, strain the contents of the jar with the help of a funnel and a cloth or coffee filter, separating the liquid from the plant matter.

we are interested only in the liquid, so discard the plant matter and bottle the newly created tincture of cannabis. Ideally, store it in droppers which are readily available at any pharmacy or online eg eBay and amazon for very little money.

How to use the marijuana tincture?

People who have never used cannabis or consume it sporadically should start using the cannabis tincture progressively. Ingested cannabis has stronger effects than when smoked, so you have to be aware of this and only increase the dose gradually. The ideal way is to start by consuming only a drop of the tincture, which can be mixed with the food, or a glass of warm milk, or any non-alcoholic beverage.

Due to the strong effects of the tincture, it is not recommended you mix it with alcohol because their effects could increase. Once you have consumed a single drop and felt its effects, we can gradually increase the dose to two or three drops, or even more, depending on your tolerance.

Remember that the effects are not instant and can take between half an hour to an hour and a half to appreciate the full effects.  The properties are much the same as when smoking or eating cannabis so that if we used an Indica strain, we will get a tincture with relaxing effects whilst if the variety used is more Sativa, the effects will be more energizing.

medical cannabis tincture

tinctures have been developed for centuries, with different types of plants used for their medicinal properties.


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