Repotting Cannabis Plants For Healthy Growth and Yield

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Repotting Cannabis Plants

Repotting Cannabis Plants For Healthy Growth and Yield. As cannabis plants become too large for their plant pot, they need to be re-potted. This ensure healthy rapid growth and encourage large buds. A close crowded and too intricate root system in plant pot produces weak and delayed growth of cannabis plants. This promotes thin branches and smaller buds.

src=”” alt=”Repotting Marijuana Plants For Healthy Growth and Yield” width=”500″ height=”473″ /> Repotting Marijuana Plants For Healthy Growth and Yield


Marijuana plants grown outdoors are usually much larger than indoor cultivation. Outdoor plants should if possible get large planters to allow a strong far-branching root system. Really large cannabis plants,  Which generate high yields of 4kg and more on commonly use 700-2000L planters.


Rockwool blocks , when planted in soil, tend to hold more water levels as can the soil itself. Subsequently roots emerge from the rockwool only slowly into the ground. I find repotting works best when transplanting soil to soil or rapid rooters or if you are transplanting from hydroponic systems, clay pebbles. If you do repot from rockwool into soil try to avoid directly watering the rockwool they should be only slightly moist to promote good as possible to the root growth.

Repotting Cannabis Plants For Healthy Growth and Yield
Repotting Cannabis Plants For Healthy Growth and Yield

Repotting Marijuana Plants

When Repotting Cannabis Plants into a new pot,  For the first 2-3 days try to use a little less intense indoor lighting or exposure to direct sunlight. The reason for this is at first the plant will suffer from slowed production of chlorophyll, photosynthesis and the absorption of water and nutrients are also slowed.

Additives which can promote root growth are Trichoderma and Mycorrhiza Fungus which can help reduce stress for recently repotted plants and promote further growth. Give the cannabis plants some time after repotting time to regenerate, and their water balance is normalized as before.

Repotting Cannabis plants
Repotting Cannabis plants

When transplanting the plants carefully place them into the new pot and try to disturb the roots as little as possible to avoid shock.

To keep the roots growing vigorously, you should only repot when the cannabis plants pot is well filled with roots.

Large pots generally require less attention than smaller ones, due to them storing more water and nutrients.

Repotting Cannabis Plants step-by-step

1st step

The day before the cannabis plants are re-potted they are fed a weak nutrient solution and a root additive trichoderma and contains mycorrhizal fungus.


Mykorrizha and Trichoderma help avoid root stress and promotes healthy growth


larger plant pot is filled to a inch below the rim with high-quality soil
larger plant pot is filled to a inch below the rim with high-quality soil

Step 2

The new, larger plant pot is filled to a inch below the rim with high-quality soil (or other growing medium). In the middle of the plant container dig a hole corresponding to the size of the existing plant container.

3. Step

Take the root ball carefully taken out of the planter. Place the hand over the pot while keeping the main stem between your fingers. Now the pot turn upside down, so that the plant is hanging down. With one hand carefully slide the pot upward to remove the root ball. Sounds complicated but it is not. It is important that the root ball remains complete and in one piece.

The root ball is now placed into the prepared hole in the new larger pot.
The root ball is now placed into the prepared hole in the new larger pot.


Step 4

The root ball is now placed into the prepared hole in the new larger pot. If necessary enlarge the hole a little and press gently into the earth, so that the roots blend into the old and new earth.

If transplanting using clay pebbles into soil make sure that plant is watered with a weak nutrient solution which includes Trichoderma and Mikorrhizal. The soil should be damp but not soaking wet.

If a rockwool block is to be planted into soil, you should the soil is moist and not wet. Make sure the rockwool block holds little water and is only damp. This will allow the roots to develop faster in the search for more water.

Repotting Marijuana Plants quickly and safely

Use a pot the same size as your existing pot, this serves as a placeholder for the planting hole
Use a pot the same size as your existing pot, this serves as a placeholder for the planting hole

Use a pot the same size as your existing pot, this serves as a placeholder for the planting hole and is placed in the new larger pot. Then fill the space between the large pot and your existing pot with soil and press down lightly. Then add a small amount of soil to just below the rim of the pot. this method will save you lots of time if you have several plants to re pot and save you a lot and reduce the amount of time the roots are Exposed to Light which in turn will reduce plant stress and get your plant settling into its new home quickly.


What are the most important tips for repotting

  • The soil should not be pressed too firmly into the pot. Roots can then only spread when the soil isnt too compacted, heavy soil is not ideal consider using pearlite or sand to loosen heavy cloggy soil mixes. The soil should also not be packed too loosely in the pot, because they soil will eventually settle and you will only effectively be using part of the larger pot.
  • Immediately water your plants after repotting. The first watering after repotting ensures that the earth and is uniformly wet which will aid the roots and help young plants deal with the stress.
  • Do not re pot in direct sunlight. Roots do not like direct light. Nor do they like dryness. Best to repot early morning or evening.
  • If you are using a pre made or multi compost type soil or other rich earth the nutrients will have already been added and the plant will not need additional fertilizer for at least 3 weeks.

The repotting of cannabis requires a little patience and a cautious approach not damaging the roots. Take the time  to do this right and look forward to enjoying a nice heavy crop.



  1. Well Pete I learn something new every day!. I havent grown many auto’s I didnt know that about auto flowers, could they be repotted once the flowering starts?.



  2. Always start auto flowering plants in the same size pot that you will be growing them to maturity in. Root binding triggers flowering in most autos, therefore stepping them into larger pots will not will not prolong vegging or increase final size. Start big!

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