How to Make Moon Rock Weed High in THC and Cannabinoids

How to make moon rock weed
How to make moon rock weed

How to Make Moon Rock Weed

Moon Rock Weed or Moonrock Caviar is amongst the strongest forms of cannabis available on the market. It is very easy to make the “cannabinoid balls” themselves.

Only a few things are necessary for Weed Moon Rocks which have an exorbitantly high THC content and high cannabinoid concentration:

  • Kief / pollen : Kief is made by dry screening with fine micro mesh nets.  Kief consists of the collected resin glands (trichomes) of the cannabis buds.  Which were sieved through a fine screen.
  • The trichomes are tiny crystal-like globules formed on the surface of the cannabis flowers and have the highest concentration of cannabinoids compared to all other parts of the cannabis plant.
  • If the trichomes are pressed, they become hashish. Kief is therefore a “resin powder”. The resin powder is produced by means of a micro-fine screen.
  • For our Moon rocks we only need the resinous powder, so it should not be pressed into a piece of hashish.

Equipment Needed to make Moon Rocks

  • Grinder
  • Hash Oil : is generated by the extraction with solvents such as ethanol or butane. After filtration and evaporation of the solvent, a usually sticky, resinous oil remains.
  • Pipette or a dropper
  • Small brush
Kief - a collection of trichomes
Kief – a collection of trichomes

The cannabis concentrate / oil should be as liquid as possible so that it can be distributed easily on the flowers. If necessary, gently and gently heat it.

The cannabis concentrate oil
The cannabis concentrate oil

This is how moonrocks are made:


  • First, look for a beautiful large, very dense, compact and resinous cannabis bud. The more compact the bud is, the better.
  • Cannabis oil is distributed over the whole flower with the pipette or a dropper. Make sure the bud is completely covered but not dripping
  • Place the oil-coated bud in the kief (powder), press and twist the bud, so that it is evenly coated on all sides with a beautiful layer of Kief
  • Put the coated bud aside to dry, When it is well dried, it is ready for smoking and enjoying.
How to Make Moon Rock Weed High in THC and Cannabinoids
How to Make Moon Rock Weed High in THC and Cannabinoids


Weed Moonrocks contain all  of the best ingredients of the cannabis plant,  Because of the very high THC content of some Moonrocks as a result these are suitable for an effective pain treatment. The high levels of CBD help to combat insomnia and depression.

When preparing the Moonrock for use, do not crush in a Grinder instead cut the moonrock with a sharp and heavy knife.




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  1. Hmmm…intriguing idea. Never thought of that one before/

    Sounds like one best have their snacks & drinks ready next to a comfy chair or couch, cause it sounds like U B there for a while using this method. Thank the Lord for remote control for TV & stereos these days eh? 😉


    Been mixing kief & oil to make what I call Khash. A friend calls if Kwax. Never thought to add them one at a time to a bud though. That should be some VERY good med!


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