Rhino Seeds Review

 2.4/5 (7)

Rhino Seeds Review

Rhino Seeds offer you a selection of Cannabis Seeds (marijuana seeds) – we have in stock regular and Feminized Cannabis Seeds direct from the world’s best cannabis seed banks, specially selected for their high germination capacity. We stock some of the best cannabis seed genetics developed by Dutch breeders, hundreds of different varieties of the finest marijuana.

Rhino Seeds Review
Rhino Seeds Review

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 2.4/5 (7)

Rhino Seeds
UK Suppliers of quality Cannabis Seeds, delivered Worldwide. Best prices on the internet!

The Cannabis Seeds distributed by Rhino Seeds are FRESH and are not purchased in mass bulk like the ones being sold on some other sites.
Whilst we do everything we can to ensure we keep prices as low as possible we wanted you to know we also offer a Rhino Seeds Price Match Guarantee. Please check the link for detail

Cannabis Seeds sold on this site are sold for novelty purposes only and are not intended to be used for growing cannabis. We only list cannabis seeds from reputable breeders who have proved constantly good genetics and a plentiful supply.

We have a vast range of Regular Cannabis Seeds and Feminized Cannabis Seeds to choose from, and thanks to breeders like the Advanced Seeds, Feminizied Cannabis Seeds are now becoming much more affordable. Please enjoy our site!

Your Cannabis Seeds ARE Gauranteed!
Well, here at Rhino Seeds we have been shipping Cannabis seeds worldwide for over 10 YEARS. We GUARANTEE that your seeds will arrive safely in ship shape condition! Would you like to know something else about us? We have the most reputable shipping record of ANY online seed bank, and if you happen to receive ANY beans that you are not happy with, we will replace them TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE!


Here at Rhino Seeds, knowing that our customers are happy and nothing but satisfied after making a transaction is our biggest concern. Our 10+ years of experience shipping seeds worldwide makes Rhino Seeds the safest online seed bank to purchase from.





  1. well wow what can I say?? Rhino seeds are like no other seed company, they stock all of the best strains and are always busy keeping us in the know, with all the up to date strains and information, they are constantly doing amazing competitions and there customer support is second to none, keep up the amazing work you are doing and may every country be legal one day πŸ™‚ great seeds, great prices, great stuff πŸ™‚ MERRY CHRISTMAS πŸ™‚

  2. I got some seeds from rhino had them 3 day’s after ordering them i am in uk and had no problem’s with rhino.Got 100% germination so far with the 25% of the seeds i have used , and they are barny’s farm crimea blue . But i must admit all the bad reviews of rhino are giving me cold feet adout ordering off them again , was i just lucky ?

  3. DISAPPOINTED!! I bought 30 Northern Lights seeds from this company, and received one free OG Kush seed with the order, so 31 seeds in total. out of the 31 seeds ONLY 12 GERMINATED and of those 12, 3 never made it past the sapling stage because they were too weak and deformed. THERE SUPPLY HAS BAD GENETICS AND THE SEEDS I RECIEVED WERE OLD. I WOULDN\’T BUY FROM THIS COMPANY AGAIN!!!

  4. Do not buy from they don’t reply to emails and don’t send out freebie and slow delivery for 5.85 steer clear!!!!!!

  5. Ordered seeds and said oo stock so ordered diff ones and said oo stock,if u ring them a secretary always says we will ring u back but never do,they are useless rip off I honestley wudnt bother,im writing this already and still havnt received refund wudnt be surprised if dont get it! Do not use these coz a waist of time!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Top notch Got my order and I was not happy with one seed made a reply to them about this and they sent me new seeds.

  7. hi there.
    glad it was sorted! if we are not aware of the problem then we cant fix it!!
    there is actually another email adddress on the contact us page of rhino seeds – emails to [email protected] will be emailed directly to the owner so please contact us there if you think you are being ignore from there email team!


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