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What brought you to Seed Madness ???

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Perhaps you want to see the massive range of fresh cannabis seeds with over 900 strains from 40 worldwide famous cannabis seed banks held at seedmadness so that you get more for your money – see Special Offers and Most Popular
Maybe you want to know how discrete and safe we are at seed madness – see FAQ’s Privacy and Security

Maybe you want to see if Seed Madness are a genuine, trustworthy and honest company – see Money Back Guarantee and Price Match Guarantee

Maybe you would like to know how you can pay for the seeds and how they would be shipped to you – see Delivery and FAQ’s

Or perhaps you are just curious – wondering if seed madness are as good as all our worldwide customers are saying. If you are reading this you are obviously very cautious and please be assured that we are the same as you. We have been in your shoes so someone with your obvious knowledge and experience should buy from us.

Whatever brought you to seedmadness, we hope you find this site interesting, maybe funny in places, informative, perhaps even inspiring … but above all helpful.

You will see we offer many things and have helped many very varied types of customers in many countries.

But through it all runs one common thread: a focus on high quality, high value and even higher times. Giving you more confidence and satisfaction with every coin, you spend.

This means you feel safe and secure when ordering either online or on the telephone. It means getting more for your money from a knowledgeable and experienced company. It means a feeling of accomplishment and security.

In short it means seedmadness treat all our customers as friends, giving you the easiest and safest way to buy the freshest seeds.

What will you find at Seed Madness Seed Bank?

Some of Seed Madness Special Offers

FREE Newsletter with very interesting articles and chances to win FREE seeds.

The opportunity to check out some great links from our Friends

And, of course, information on how to get hold of us

Start browsing through the Seed Madness site – and please do send us your comments.

3/5 (2)
3/5 (2)
3/5 (2)
3/5 (2)
3/5 (2)



  1. I have never purchased seeds from across the pond but, the seeds I was looking for are not really available from US sellers. I was looking for seeds from Emerald Mountain Legacy specifically their Oilspill, Royal Kush X and Royal Wedding strains. These seeds seem relatively popular because I was unable to find all 3 at any site selling there seeds. I purchased The EML Oilspill from Seed Madness. After placing order decided I wanted to change my payment method. I emailed customer service and my order was canceled and I reordered using the Bitcoin payment option. I ordered my other 2 strains from another UK site and an now wishing I hadn’t. The folks at Seed Madness answered every question and concern I sent them both in a prompt and professional fashion. My seeds were shipped the day after I paid and I received them in Massachusetts 7 days later. The Elaborate wood packaging was included as promised. They even responded to my email letting them know I received my seeds and how happy I was. Buy with confidence these folks are outstanding on every level!

  2. order a 10 pack was charged and never received any gear. E-mail customer service they said my payment never went through. Check my report and was charged after everything was said and done never received anything I wouldn\’t suggest that company go with attitude!..

  3. I’ve ordered from these chaps several times and found them reliable, pleasant and smart. They know all the strains and what’s good and not so good. They are honest and they don’t treat you like shyte. I read about them in an article about the seed world that everybody should read.

  4. Placed my first ever order of seeds with these guys last week. Ordered online and had them in my hand the next day. Amazingly fast delivery, perfect communication with an email with the tracking number almost straight away.

    Was about to throw away the packaging and found an extra seed free in the packing, was very suprised and very happy!!

    Well recommended…

  5. Legit website to buy seeds! My order of Green House seeds was shipped from the UK to Canada in 10 days and I received exactly what I wanted.✔ ★ ♫ ♥

  6. Seedmadness… more like seed-stupid, ordered my seeds at the beginning of april, spent over £100, got a despatch email and was told 5 days max delivery, 10 days later i asked where they were, they said they must have been lost in post and they will send again, got an email day later saying what i wanted was out of stock and could i pick something else. had a look and im sure they had put there prices up, so ordered some more seeds, totally about the same and they asked me to pay the extra, so i did, got an email saying my seeds had been sent again, and once again they never arrived, they said that because this is the second time they need to do an investigation and they wont send me my seeds or refund me. proper con cos they know i aint going to go to police or complain to anyone. its been 8 weeks now and i dont recommend anyone use these con artists, use someone who we all know and who are trusted…

    1. Would the person who posted this comment, please contact us directly to resolve.
      We ALWAYS send out a replacement order if requested by the customer, or give a full refund once the carriers delivery time period has passed in regard to missing/lost packages.

  7. No doubt we have already told you that our bank WILL NOT accept an International Money Order in USD. Sorry guys, but we have no control over this. Finally, why not simply Wire the money straight into our account – problem solved.

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