Zeus Cannabis Strain Review

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Zeus Cannabis Strain Review  – Crop King Seeds

Zeus Cannabis Strain Review
Zeus Cannabis Strain

This marijuana strain was named after the Greek god of Olympus due to the fact that it is the most severe full-bodied strain of Crop King Seeds. It was created making use of only the highest yielding stress with minimal leaves and full compact buds. Zeus is a high yielding cannabis strain with lots of resin and high THC contents. The THC is exceptionally high thus beginner cigarette smokers are alerted.
Being a premium strain of Crop King Seeds, Zeus was specially designed for indoor growing just. It is a 100 % sativa with a strong sativa buzz impact which is long enduring. This isnt for novice growers though however you can still attempt growing it for as long as you have the correct growing environment and growing approaches or perhaps a growing guide.
For those who are looking for another level of weed strain to grow, then this premium strain by Crop King Seeds is an extremely good weed to grow.

Original Kush X Skunk

Type: Premium/High Breed
Climate: Indoor Only
Flowering: 10 weeks
Yield: Moderate – High
Height: Medium – High
Indica/Sativa: 100% Sativa
Effect: Strong Sativa Buzz
Flavour: Extremely High
THC Level: Moderate




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