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  • Gorilla Glue Strain- a sticky variety

    Gorilla Glue From Hermaphradite to Legend

    The Gorilla Glue strain is one of the most sought-after marijuana strains in recent years. Especially in the United States where this variety comes from, however, globalization has quickly allowed it to become internationally famous. No wonder, Gorilla Glue became famous for two reasons. Firstly, because of the huge amount…

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  • banana kush strain review

    Banana Kush Strain Review

    Banana Kush Strain Review, The Banana Kush is native to the west coast of the United States, it is a strain that today stands among the 100 best varieties of cannabis on the market. Its THC level is over 27%. In addition, it is considered one of the highest medical cannabis…

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  • AK47 Strain Review

    AK 47 Strain Review

    Ak 47 is an Old school sativa dominant strain very popular in the cannabis community that has won an impressive number of awards and Cannabis Cups over the years.  Get Ak47 Seeds THE BIRTH OF A LEGEND The strain was created originally in ’92 by the Dutch breeders of Cerebral Seeds…

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  • Mazar Strain Review

    Mazar Strain Review

    Mazar Strain Review. The Mazar cannabis strain is perfect for those who want to grow their own  cannabis. It is a robust and strong genetics that is a good illustration of the old generation of cannabis. Mazar Cannabis Strain. Seed type: feminized and Auto Climate: Mediterranean / Sunny Size :…

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  • critical haze strain review

    Critical Haze Strain Review

    Critical Haze Critical Haze is a Cross of Critical Mass and Amnesia Haze. And this cannabis strain really has it all. psychedelic and very large harvests!. Critical Haze strain got the title Cannabis Plant of the Year Way back in 2008. Along with many other award titles over the years…

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  • critical kush strain review

    Critical Kush Strain Review

    Critical Kush Strain Review. The Critical Kush is an absolutely extraordinary and exotic blend of the best European and American cannabis varieties. This Indica-dominated cannabis strain represents the meeting of two very different worlds, but both of equal importance in the cannabis field. Characteristics : Seed type: feminized climate: Temperate /…

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  • Critical Mass Strain Review

    Critical Mass Strain Review

    Critical Mass Strain Review Critical Mass is an Indica-dominated cannabis strain that owes its name to the unusually large buds that have repeatedly broken their own branches in two. Characteristics : Seed type: Regular/Fem/Auto climate: Mediterranean / Sunny Hight: Small plant Indoor flowering: 45 – 55 days Harvest Outdoor: End…

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  • Critical + 2.0 cbd auto By Dinafem Strain Review

    Critical + Auto CBD By Dinafem Strain Review

    Critical + Auto CBD Critical + Auto CBD is an auto-flowering feminized cannabis seed, rich in CBD, derived from the crossing of a Critical + and an Auto CBD. Characteristics : Seed type: CBD / Auto / Fem THC / CBD ratio: 1: 2 climate: Temperate / Dry Height: Medium Plant…

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  • Critical + 2.0 By Dinafem Strain Review

    Critical + 2.0 By Dinafem Strain Review

    To make Critical even faster and more productive, the Spanish company Dinafem previously produced a Critical + of which Critical + 2.0 is the latest incarnation. By crossing Critical + with a stronger and better fungus-resistant phenotype, Critical became not only productive, but also strong and resilient, so that it can…

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  • L A Confidential Strain Review

    L A Confidential Strain Review

    L A Confidential Strain Review   LA Confidential Characteristics: Seed type: feminized Medals: Cannabis Cup climate: Temperate / Continental Size: Small plant Indoor flowering: 46 – 55 days Harvest Outdoor: Beginning of October Indoor Yield: about 450g / m² Outdoor Yield: from 80 to 350 g / plant genotype: 100% Indica…

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  • Moby Dick Cannabis Strain Review

    Moby Dick Cannabis Strain Review

    Its stunning effect, extraordinary yield and easy-to-grow properties have earned it a well-deserved reputation as a cult strain. A Sativa-dominant hybrid that, while not very demanding in terms of care, is actually extremely demanding in terms of light and nutrients.

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  • Grapefruit Cannabis Strain Review

    Grapefruit Cannabis Strain Review

    Grapefruit Cannabis Strain Review. Grapefruit is a feminized cannabis seed with one of the most intense and fruity aromas of all known cannabis types. If you love Indica genetics with unique, intense flavors and stunning effects, do not miss the opportunity to try this incredible hybrid

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