Critical Kush Strain Review

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Critical Kush Strain Review. The Critical Kush is an absolutely extraordinary and exotic blend of the best European and American cannabis varieties. This Indica-dominated cannabis strain represents the meeting of two very different worlds, but both of equal importance in the cannabis field.

critical kush strain review
critical kush strain review
Critical Kush dry bud
Critical Kush dry bud

Characteristics :

  • Seed type: feminized
  • climate: Temperate / Continental
  • Hight: Medium Plant
  • Indoor flowering: 55 – 60 days
  • Harvest Outdoor: Beginning of October
  • Indoor Harvest: about 450g / m²
  • Outdoor Harvest: from 80 to 350 g / plant
  • genotype: Indica

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Second year I put it. And next year possibly too. Should not be Topped. A must for beginners. Super quality, which should be smoked with caution !!

Smoke Test and Grow Report.

Critical Kush in flower
Critical Kush in flower

In order to create this delicacy, two exceptional genetics have been crossed. The Critical +, a sweet and heavy variety with very short flowering typical of the Skunk lineage. And the OG Kush, one of the most legendary varieties of the United States.

Known for its super-strong effect and its very intense taste of fuel and lemon. A strain that, unsurprisingly, has become a must for the most respected growers. The Critical Kush masterfully combines each of the traits of its predecessors. It brings together brilliantly everything a cannabis grower could wish for!

Critical Kush is a cannabis strain that develops into a rather short but incredibly elegant plant.  With an open, branched structure that hosts huge, light green buds, covered with orange-colored pistils and a thick layer of resin. A horticultural wonder!

Critical Kush veg time.

Critical Kush delivers intense and singular impressions from the first try. Its deep, sweet and fruity taste leaves an aftertaste with a nuance of Kush in which are distinguished notes of fuel, lemon, and earth. A delight for the taste buds which will always want more of this particular flavor.

sea of green
Critical Kush sea of green

The Critical Kush strain provides a long-lasting and extremely powerful soothing effect that will surprise many users, even experienced ones. While gently and without at first realizing it, gives an indescribable feeling of relaxation will take possession of your body which will make you instantly happy and at peace with yourself.

Critical Kush Flowering Time.

One of the main assets of Critical Kush is its ultra-short flowering time. Outdoors, it will be ready for harvest by the end of September or the beginning of October and indoors a period between 55 to 60 days will be enough.

Due to its fast growth and large yield, growers could experience moisture problems if it is in areas of constant rain, which is why it is best grown in dry, warm, and temperate climates.

It is also important to remember that its intense aroma could reveal its presence. If you decide to grow outdoors, opt for guerrilla culture instead. To grow indoors, recommend the use of an effective carbon filter that should be enough to hide its powerful smell.

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  1. Second year I put it. And next year possibly too. Should not be Topped. A must for beginners. Super quality, which should be smoked with caution !!


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