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  • Breeding CannabisBarney's Farm Breeder Review

    Barney’s Farm Breeder Review

    Today, Barney's Farm is recognized as one of the leaders in the production of top quality cannabis seeds and continues to research and collect indigenous genetics from lost places. This passion and devotion to a lifestyle that reinforces our commitment and ability to provide new and exciting varieties of cannabis

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  • Cannabis Basics

    Difference Between Male And Female Plants

    Difference Between Male And Female Plants, Knowing how to tell the sex of your Marijuana plants is important as it is the female plants that offer us those delicious buds that once dried we can smoke. The male plants are usually only used for one thing, to pollinate female plants, to obtain regular cannabis seeds.

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  • Strain ReviewsCritical + 2.0 cbd auto By Dinafem Strain Review

    Critical + Auto CBD By Dinafem Strain Review

    Critical + Auto CBD Critical + Auto CBD is an auto-flowering feminized cannabis seed, rich in CBD, derived from the crossing of a Critical + and an Auto CBD. Characteristics : Seed type: CBD / Auto / Fem THC / CBD ratio: 1: 2 climate: Temperate / Dry Height: Medium Plant flowering: 70 – 75 days Indoor Harvest: 450g / m² Outdoor Harvest: 60 to 170 g / Plant genotype: 30% Sativa / 20% Indica / 50% Ruderalis Latest Reviews. Find…

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  • AeroponicsAeroponic Cuttings

    Aeroponic Cloning The Easy Option?

    Aeroponic Cloning The Easy Option? Many gardeners have been contacting us extolling the virtues of aeroponic propagation. Instead of rooting their cuttings or seedlings in rockwool cubes or some other growth media, they are suspending them in a nutrient mist instead! Roots grow in thin air! If this sounds like a load of airy fairy hocus pocus to you then read on! It turns out that these growers are bang on the money. Not only do they develop superior, more vigorous cuttings (which go on…

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  • Cannabis Basics

    Growing Marijuana Guide Difference Between Male And Female Cannabis Flowers

    Difference Between Male And Female Cannabis Flowers, Your plants will usually begin to show signs of their sex before flowering, but the signs are quite subtle. You will most likely have the best luck and make the least mistakes by waiting until the plants have been flowering for a little bit. If you don’t see signs of sex yet, you can start the Flowering Stage. it is important to distinguish the difference between male and female cannabis flowers so you…

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  • Vertical Limits

    Heath Robinson Vertical Grow Using Rockwool Slabs: Part 2

    Heath Robinson Vertical Grow Using Rockwool Slabs: Part 2   Archived grow from 2nd November 2005, 07:40 PM on the HG420 Forums and originally entitled Heath goes Vertical (again!) 9th November 2005, 03:34 PM Nowthen Cone , I have done a Stadium type grow using 2 x 600w on a light rail, the system was 8′ long and yielded very well, the only downside for you would be plant no’s and the amount of cuttings you have to keep.…

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