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Critical + 2.0 By Dinafem Strain Review

Ease of growing: Critical + 2.0 is a type of weed that everyone can use to achieve good results.

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Critical + 2.0 Strain Review

Critical + 2.0 By Dinafem Strain Review
Critical + 2.0 By Dinafem Strain Review
Critical + 2.0
Critical + 2.0 Strain Review

Characteristics :

  • Seed type: feminized
  • climate: Temperate / sunny
  • Height: Medium Plant
  • Indoor flowering: 45 – 50 days
  • Harvest Outdoor: End of September
  • Indoor Harvest: about 700g / m²
  • Outdoor Harvest: from 150 to 550 g / plant
  • genotype: 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

You may have no idea but in Spain they love Critical. Critical in Spain is what Skunk or Amnesia in the Netherlands is: incredibly popular. Critical is therefore frequently cultivated and bred to an absolute top level. And then you get all-round champions such as Critical + 2.0 that everyone loves to grow and smoke.

There are types of weed that simply have it all and are therefore extremely popular with a large audience. Types of weed such as Skunk in the past and now Amnesia alongside Critical. A strain that is constantly being improved and where everyone from the novice to experienced growers can get good results. Critical simply tastes great, delivers excellent yields and can take a beating. Even if you only have very light green fingers, you can still grow a plant like Critical.

The Spanish company Dinafem previously produced a Critical + of which Critical + 2.0 is the latest incarnation. The goal was to make Critical even faster and more productive,  By crossing Critical + with a stronger and better fungus-resistant phenotype, Critical became not only more productive but also strong and resilient so that it can also be grown in a wet and cold climate.

Ease of growing: Critical + 2.0 is a type of weed that everyone can use to achieve good results. The strain is very strong and produces large, impressive buds in a short time. This makes Critical + 2.0 not only very suitable for hobby growers starting out but also an extremely commercial variety that always performs. The plants carry large green leaves with which they effortlessly use every ray of light.

Make sure you have a properly functioning carbon filter when you start a Critical grow because the smell can be very penetrating. A deep and intensely spicy aroma of citrus, skunk, and resin provides a delicious taste that everyone loves. The effect is stimulating, relaxing and euphoric and you can safely say that Critical + 2.0 is the pacemaker at any party.

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One of my favorite strains, Critical + 2.0 is the amended version of one of the most famous cannabis icons and has undeniably brought a major revolution to the hardcore fans of Critical +. It comes from a cross between La Critical + with a phenotype resistant to moisture. The result of this process is a feminized cannabis seed, with a clear Indica dominance, which reinforces the original traits and has a better aroma, higher yield and greater resistance to moisture and mold. No doubt these extraordinary features have been well consolidated in this version. Critical + 2.0 has it all! In addition, its genetic origins are the best assurance of success.

Critical + 2.0 bud headCritical + 2.0 is a superb marijuana strain with fine light green leaves and a tall, slender body sometimes up to 2.5 m tall outdoors. Its flared structure contributes to a better penetration of light, which leads to incredibly generous harvests of very large and hard-rock heads covered with a layer of the thick and fragrant resin.

Critical + 2.0 provides perceptible sustained sensations at all sensory levels. The range is so wide that it’s like we’re in front of a selection of cannabis delicacies. With the Critical + 2.0, you will notice that the whole atmosphere fills with a powerful, light and honeyed aroma dominated by lemony and spicy nuances mixed with the scent of conifer.

Critical + 2.0 sog
Critical + 2.0 sog

The effects of Critical + 2.0 generates a complete and lasting sensation of relaxation, more physical than intellectual. A delicately soothing and relaxing effect takes possession of your body and brings you into a state of great relaxation. Do not worry about its high THC content (20%) because it will not knock you out. This is where his Indica dominance (70%) becomes particularly evident, helping you cope with stressful moments or disconnect yourself deeply from the world.

With regard to cultivation, Critical + 2.0 is known for its vigorous growth, whatever the surrounding conditions. This resistance to pests and moisture is a major asset that saves many problems for cannabis producers, regardless of their level of experience.

In conclusion, this cannabis plant brings is a joy to grow: it blooms at an incredible speed (45 to 50 days inside and at the end of September outside) and the final quality is simply incredible. The use of anti-odor filters at the end of flowering is most of the time essential, as well as staking to support the weight of its heavy branches. 

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