What Does the Handy Little Cannabis pH Meter Chart Do?

First, you dont need to be an established chemist with 10 years lab experience to grow cannabis. Once you are done planting your first seeds, you can continue towards creating the right environment for your plants. Most probably, chemistry was probably one the of your most disliked classes at school and if you havent been truly fascinated with it, then youve probably been traumatized by it. Here is a handy little cannabis Ph meter chart to help you.


cannabis ph meter chart

Later on in life, when we hear about pH measurements, any other chemical abbreviations and formulas besides the H2O, we choose to (casually) ignore this beast and go on with our lives. Without the dissatisfaction of the resounding  bitter taste of attempting and failing to tackle chemistry stuff.

Alkalinity vs. Acidity pH ranges to the rescue!

Now that we have healed the trauma, lets simplify this little cannabis drama. The world is focused on Alkalinity vs. Acidity levels in our organisms, which are partially plant-like. In order to grow, stand tall and conquer the  power of gravity in the process,  here is a minimalistic pH essential guide for marijuana growing. A low pH shows that your plant is acidic and a high pH shows its alkaline.


Proper pH range checks help enormously be the best at either hydroponic or soil growing of your plants. Check out how the pH levels relate to the nutrient availability with two easy graphs. On one hand you need to check the marijuana hydroponic pH measurement and on the other the soil`s pH range.


Hydroponics, grow boxes and grow tents are a great, private and sustainable way to grow cannabis, and the proper pH range for hydroponic plants is ideally between 5.5 and 6.1. For the soil between 6.3 and 6.8 is optimal. This is when the nutrients are in perfect balance ensuring the crops will grow in an awesome and healthy way.


pH is absolutely vital for all organisms to maintain a balanced existence and life.  Theres no reason why you couldnt grow the best top quality crops with the right food and indoor system for your plants that means enough water, nutrients and a balanced pH range. If you care about Wikipedias opinion on the pH topic, go ahead and read, but these are the basics.


Another interesting fact is that just a point difference in your proper pH range results into a tenfold increase or decrease in alkalinity or acidity. This is how important the printing of this little pH infographic can be. Put in on the one of the outside walls of your hydroponic system or tents and you be naturally reminded to measure the pH levels twice per week!


Thats all you need to do. Healthy growth and flowering will be positively affected if you are maintaining an environment that is loving to the plants and enhancing the quality you will receive in the end.

May you keep the pH right and your head high!



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