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Screen Of Green – SCROG – Green Screen

Screen Of Green – SCROG – Green Screen

Screen Of Green – SCROG – Green Screen, Screen Of Green (abbreviated SCROG ) is one of the LST or Low Stress Training which means LOW STRESSED TRAINING because there is a physical damage of plants.

Screen Of Green - SCROG - Green Screen
Screen Of Green – SCROG – Green Screen

(This technique is one of several methods of cultivation of Cannabis)

What is the Screen Of Green (SCROG)?

SCROG is very similar method of cultivation as  LST training . Actually, for me it is LST except that instead of wires or cords we are using a net to give the necessary direction of the new growth tips.

Screen Of Green - SCROG - Green Screen 1

How to Make Screen Of Green or SCROG ?

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When the plant reaches the desired height you can start making the scrog.

First step is to buy the grid. This may be a traditional wire fence with holes of approx. 5 centimeters (2 inch).  Mount the mesh above the plant and its main stem as the plant grows gently bend the grow tip and weave it into the screen.

Bending the main growth tip will promote new growth in the branches below which in turn you will weave into the screen.  When you have a screen full of new tips change your lighting to 12/12 to initiate flowering.

Screen Of Green


The term Screen Of Green or SCROG applies to training one plant.

If you place several or even many plants below the screen it becomes a Sea of Green or SOG.

The advantages and disadvantages of training Screen Of Green (SCROG)

requires the purchase and installation of a screen over the plant

requires regular attention to achieve a full screen of grow tips

Increases the number of buds and thus increases crop yields

The screen is reusable

Green Screen Screen Of Green - SCROG - Green Screen scrog trimmed under screen small scrog above and below scrog


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