Rotary Indoor Hydroponic Garden

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Rotary Indoor Hydroponic Garden




If you can grow food in a spacecraft, you can do so in the confines of a small urban space. Developed by NASA and readapted by Italian studio, Design Libero, the Green Wheel is rotary hydroponic system concept created to grow a constant supply of fresh herbs and produce without soil in a space vehicle.



Big Space Benefits in a Small Space
The ecofriendly Green Wheel offers many of the benefits of a traditional garden but can be placed on a small shelf and provides a large growing area to cultivate more plants. A light source in the center of the wheel, close to the plants, contend the designers, helps reduce lighting consumption in contrast to traditional garden lighting.



Sleek and Smart
With a sleek design reminiscent of Apple products, the planter’s outer solid case hides the engine which rotates the plants, a water reservoir, and a pump for automatic plant irrigation. Containers, which contain coco fiber to provide support for the plant and its roots, are placed inside the perforated inner wheel. Employing a simple app with a smartphone or tablet, one can manage the amount of light, control the temperature, and check the water level.



We’ve written before about sleekly designed, smart and automated growing devises like the Biome terrarium, which also uses smartphone technology to manage its climate, water, and nutrients. What do you think?






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