Shiva Shanti Review by Sensi Seeds

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Shiva Shanti Review by Sensi Seeds
Shiva Shanti Review by Sensi Seeds

Shiva Shanti Review by Sensi Seeds, Shiva Shanti is another one by Sensi Seeds Bank. It’s a hybrid of a different bunch of indicas. It’s got a really good taste. It’s one I’ve grown quite well still. Shiva Shanti, Shiva Skunk, that whole family’s been arranged around that. It’s got a very good taste and a known potency.

Shiva Shanti is among the 2 marijuana strains of our choice to be called after the children of Sensi Seeds’ creator, Ben Dronkers. Shiva Shanti and its brother or sister strain, Shiva Shanti II,

Shiva is one of those ones that are very easy to grow as long as you can keep it from getting mites and mold. Shiva was bred for indoors, but I’ve seen it grown in greenhouses quite well as well. Shiva averages 60 to 70 days, flowering.

Shiva, usually, the whole family averages from four to six foot.

Shiva Shanti

Shiva averages, usually, four ounces a plant indoors, somewhere around there. It can grow better if you really know your P’s and Q’s.

Shiva Shanti is a uniform strain, with normal indica qualities. In addition to being durable and flexible, it is likewise resistant to bugs and mold and supplies generous harvests. Required more? The smell that originates from plants throughout blooming is definitely manageable!

Shiva Shanti is considered a potent strain, with a deep, relaxing high, making it powerful but not paralyzing, a combo much appreciated by all regular and/or daily consumers!

Pros are it’s very good commercial quality, good products, good medicine. Cons is it could probably yield a little better. Shiva’s one of those one’s that’s in that whole family of the indicas. It’s very similar to a bunch of different ones. There’s been a bunch of growing off of it. Shiva Skunk is my favorite off of it.

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  1. Shiva Shanti covers all the bases; she’s large, vibrant and uniform, producing little odour when blooming. As a strain, it is very dependable in flowering and matures quickly, producing a heavy yield of long, solid, spear-shaped buds. Shiva Shanti inherits the power and characteristic aroma of her famous parent. the sharp, acidic tang of raw garlic, now coexisting with a rich, honeyed scent from the Skunk ancestor. Shiva Shanti’s effect is deep, stress-free and a fine enhancer of physical sensations.


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