Storing Cannabis Permanently in Mylar Bags

Mylar bags the first choice for cannabis storage

Storing Cannabis Permanently in Mylar Bags, you may have wondered how you can store your valuable buds permanently after harvesting and drying. While preserving jars are a great method, the buds lose their flavor when stored permanently. That’s why you can get a professional way to store your cannabis permanently – even for years.

Storing Cannabis Permanently in Mylar Bags


Storing Cannabis Permanently in Mylar Bags
Storing Cannabis Permanently in Mylar Bags

How to store permanently

So that you can store cannabis for a long time (for example for several years), you have to create a suitable environment for the buds. Thus humidity, temperature and also the condition of the buds must be correct.

Criteria for permanent storage:

  • Cool and stable temperature: THC and the terpene on the buds are very heat sensitive. Some terpenes are lost at about 30ºC! Therefore the buds should be stored at low room temperature. An ideal is about 20-22ºC.
  • Air Density (No Oxygen Exposure): Because THC reacts with oxygen, your buds should be airtight. Even better: gas-tight. Gas-tight containers keep content so tight that only a few molecules are able to get to the outside.
  • As little air as possible in the container:  This significantly reduces the risk of mold.
  • Light Density: UV light promotes THC decay. Also, some terpenes are sensitive to light. This is why light-tight vessels are extremely important.
  • The material does not release chemicals to the outside: Some cheap plastic types are known for releasing chemicals. This can damage the taste and can be very harmful to health.

Many vessels are not suitable for years of storage, as they do not meet these criteria.

Not suitable:
  • Preserving jars: Can be used for a maximum of 12 months storage – after that, the cannabis loses taste noticeably
  • Plastic bags: Since they are not light-tight, they are a poor choice. In addition, there is a risk that toxic chemicals can pass into the buds
  • Metal containers: Although there are metal containers with vacuum pumps, the covers can never be 100% airtight. Over time (a few weeks or months) the container fills with air again.

Mylar bags – the first choice for cannabis storage

Mylar bags the first choice for cannabis storage
Mylar bags the first choice for cannabis storage

Mylar bags are a true miracle when it comes to long-term storage of food. Mylar is in principle a metallized polyester film and was invented in 1950. In contrast to plastic vacuum bags, Mylar bags are not only air-tight but even completely gas-tight! Once completely closed, almost no odor molecules pass through to the outside. Even after years of use!

Typical products packaged in Mylar bags are coffee beans, chips, beef jerky, food supplements, spice mixes, etc. So basically everything that would smell bad and lose taste when exposed to light, air and/or moisture.

We’re taking advantage of Weed’s inclusion.

Advantages of Mylar Bags:

  • Free of toxins: Unlike plastic bags, they do not give toxic chemicals to the buds.
  • Sealable: The bags can be sealed using a simple vacuum sealer from the kitchen. So the closure is absolutely tight!
  • Opaque: Since the core of the foil is made of aluminum, the bags are absolutely light-tight!
  • Extremely tear-resistant: The aluminum construction makes the bags super-durable and tear-resistant.
  • Suitable for freezing: The material is perfect for freezing. And since after vacuuming (as good as) no air is left in the bag, no water accumulation can occur on the buds
  • Reusable: After tearing, the bags can be resealed again
Mylar bags with Bóveda Moisture Packs
Mylar bags with Bóveda Moisture Packs


Complete shopping list:

Procedure for storage

If you decide to seal your cannabis buds into Mylar bags and make them durable for years, you have to consider a few things.

  • Your buds must be cured or fermented for at least eight weeks so that no mold can form during storage in the Mylar bags. Directly after drying, it can be very moist inside the buds. This moisture would gradually migrate from the inside out, leaving the buds in danger of mold!
  • Even a small barely visible air gap in the weld seam can cause oxygen to penetrate over time and lose your weed potency and THC! That is why it is so important that you seal the bags tightly and reliably.

Once correctly vacuumed and completely sealed, your weed is packed so gas tight (we are talking about industry standards!) That hardly any odor particles penetrate through the bags.

Once completely sealed, you can store the bags in a cool place. And that for years. The vacuum, the oxygen absorbers and the  Bóveda wetting packets 49% have created a perfect environment where the THC is preserved and all the oils in the buds can not dry out.


Even storage in the refrigerator or freezing is now possible without any problems. Wait at least three days after sealing, so that the oxygen absorbers can do their job.

When you thaw, you should wait at least 24 hours before opening the package.

Happy Bud Storage!


  1. Mylar is nothing more than the brand name for Dupont’s polyester film. It is not “only air-tight but even completely gas-tight! Once completely closed, almost no odor molecules pass through to the outside. Even after years of use!” as your article states. The metalized layer is the barrier in the film, but even with that Oxygen and Moisture do flow through the film and product will go stale. There are far better barrier options that the industry could adopt, but Chinese packaging and cheapest price dominate the market.

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