The Best Weed Storage

What are the options for storing weed, and what works best?

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What’s The Best Weed Storage?. Anyone who occasionally buys a gram or two weed does not have to worry about its shelf life.

Best Weed Storage
Best Weed Storage

However, if you grow weed yourself, you often have more than you need in one go. And then, of course, you want it to stay in perfect condition, at least until your next harvest.

Well-dried and cured weed usually stays good for a while. Provided you at least keep it in the right way, because exposed to light and air, even the best cannabis loses its scent, taste, and potency over time. THC is also subject to oxidation and is eventually broken down to CBN, which reduces its strength and medicinal effect.

If you do not store your cannabis properly, it will turn brown and brittle. It loses considerably its taste and potency and cannabinoids and terpenes are lost. However, if you do keep it in the right way, you can certainly keep it in optimum condition for a few years, or even longer.

What are the options for storing weed, and what works best?

Marijuana stays good for a long time in a sealable glass Jar, Put them in the dark and keep the temperature between 15 and 20 degrees. Photo: Roxana Gonzalez, Shutterstock

Fortunately, we don’t have to make a large investment to keep weed in good for a long time. Airtight glass jars are an excellent storage place for your precious harvest. They can be bought cheap everywhere and keep the scent of your weed inside, without damaging your buds.

However, glass jars are not the only way to preserve weed. Weed lovers have tried everything over the years. Some methods work well and others do not, and they all have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Freezing weed for storage.

Freezing weed sounds in itself as an obvious method. After all, we also freeze our food if we want to keep it for a long time. However, the method is somewhat controversial, and we would not recommend it to you unless you have to keep a large amount of weed for several years. On the other hand, it stays good for years, much longer than usual when kept in a glass jar in a cool and dark place.

Some growers who keep their weed in the freezer use two plastic bags on top of each other and then wrap it in aluminum foil. If you really want to keep your weed for a very long time, the freezer is the best method. Make sure your weed is dry and has cured for at least four weeks before you put it in the freezer.  My preferred method is to store your weed long-term in the freezer in mason jars.

You can store weed in the freezer for years but do it carefully with frozen buds.

Freezing weed is controversial because the trichomes become brittle when frozen. They will break off easily so you’ll have to be very careful with frozen weed. On the other hand, you don’t completely lose the trichomes and you will still find them at the bottom of the bag.

So be very careful with frozen weed, and preferably allow it to warm up before you use it. Ultimately, freezing can do no harm, and your weed will stay the longest in this way.

  • In the freezer, trichomes become brittle and break down quickly, freezing in glass jars can prevent this
  • Be careful when defrosting frozen weed, then allow it to warm up slowly
  • You can keep weed in the freezer for years

Storing Weed In Glass Mason jars.

Storing weed in sealable glass jars is most often done, and is the best method in most cases. The jars keep the scent well inside so that you do not smell anything outside of the jar. And because glass jars are hard, your buds cannot get crushed or bruised.

It is important that you put the jars in the dark at a cool temperature, preferably slightly cooler than room temperature. The less air there is in the jar with the weed, the longer it will keep.

Fill your glass jars as well as possible, but do not cram in your buds or they will be damaged. If you have a small amount of weed to store, you should also use a smaller jar.

Why choose a glass jar for storing cannabis?.

  • Glass jars are airtight and odorless
  • The curing process continues in the jar, so that the weed can become even tastier
  • Glass gives no aftertaste so that the pure weed flavor is preserved
  • Trichomes stay where they belong, on the buds!
  • You can store weed in glass jars for one to two years

Storing weed in the Refrigerator

This sounds the most logical, but in fact, the fridge is a bad place to store your weed. Never put it in your fridge unless it is in a perfectly airtight sealed container. 

This is because it is moist in the refrigerator and the temperature fluctuates. Foods that are out of date can transfer fungi to your weed and you don’t want that! Keep the refrigerator at a safe distance if you want to keep weed good for a long time.

  • It is damp in the fridge
  • Temperature fluctuations cause mold problems
  • Food should not be stored next to weed.

Storing Weed in Plastic bags.

Plastic resealable bags are useful for transporting weed but do not last for long. short term storage for a couple of weeks isn’t a problem, so in that case, plastic zippy bags can be used, but plastic bags are not suitable for the long haul.

The plastic can also negatively influence the taste of your weed and buds are easily damaged. Trichomes stick to the plastic because they are simply sticky and the plastic is easily statically charged.

In a plastic bag, your weed quickly loses its odor, potency and moisture, leaving you with dry brown weed in no time that won’t make you very stoned or high or happy.

  • Use plastic bags only for a short storage time
  • Plastic adversely affects the taste
  • Weed dries out and turns brown
  • Trichomes break off and stick to the plastic


    1. Hello John.
      Vacuum sealing is an excellent way of storing your weed, the problem with it is the buds get crushed when you remove the air, if that’s not a problem for you then just vacuum seal them In the normal way. If you want to preserve the look of your buds it’s a good idea to put the buds in some form of container and then place the container in your bag and vacuum, that way you get the long-term storage and freshness whilst keeping the appearance of the buds.

      I hope that helps


  1. When buying Mason jars for curing and storage. The wide mouth jars are much easier to load and empty. Especially for men with large hands. There isn’t any price difference. The quart jars work nicely for Christmas presents for friends and family. The half gallon jars are preferred when curing multiple pounds at a time. A good label that really sticks to the jar is a necessity. Lebanese and Highland Nepalese can look and smell very similar in a jar. Writing on the lids gets to be very confusing after a few years of growing and curing.
    I prefer the colored jars myself. I feel that they help reduce residual light when jars are being opened for air exchange during curing. Remember darkness is your friend. Harvest in the dark, dry in the dark and cure in the dark as much as possible.
    Photosynthesis takes place until the moisture is out of the bud. Chlorophyll is the hay smell and taste. Keep drying and keep shaded.

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