Critical Haze Strain Review

one of those special cannabis strains, which is appreciated by many cannabis lovers.

Critical Haze

Critical Haze is a Cross of Critical Mass and Amnesia Haze. And this cannabis strain really has it all. psychedelic and very large harvests!.
Critical Haze strain got the title Cannabis Plant of the Year Way back in 2008. Along with many other award titles over the years which adorn this cannabis strain.

critical haze strain review
critical haze strain review


Critical Haze strain, this cannabis strain is one of those special cannabis strains, which is appreciated by many cannabis lovers.    

Critical Haze Seeds

CRITICAL HAZE cannabis seeds

  • Hybrid: about 60-70% sativa
  • Indoor flowering: 56 to 77 days
  • Yield Indoor: 450-600g / m²
  • Plant height indoor: 100 cm to 150 cm
  • Yield Outdoor: 250-400g / m²
  • Plant height outdoor: 100 cm to 150 cm
  • THC 18-22%: 18-22%
    overall impression Highly recommended

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lovely tasting easy to grow strain i have been growing this strain for a couple of years now and I can guarantee it will keep everyone happy

Long-lasting high with Critical Haze cannabis

 With Critical Haze, you do not get a critical high, but a very intense and long-lasting high. The effect is quite strong, which is due to the THC content. This is between 18 and 22 percent and is thus high to very high.

Immediately after smoking you get such a genius energy boost that’s really exciting, and one activated. So if you want to regain energy or are looking for a cannabis strain to go partying at night, this strain will suit you very well.

 Very well suited for indoor growing.

 There are cannabis varieties that are better suited for outdoor cultivation and there are varieties that are better grown indoors. Critical Haze cannabis is definitely one of the varieties that do better indoors than outside.

 Indoors, this cannabis plant can grow to a size of up to 4 feet or 1.5 meters with very little effort. Growth is more upwards than width. Therefore, it is possible to grow a sea of green and pack a lot of plants into a small amount of space.

If hight is a problem in your grow room then you need to make sure you flower early in the veg stage if grown from seed. I have found that if you are struggling for hight its a good idea to grow from cuttings which can be flowered at any hight which suits you.

Critical haze is a very resilient cannabis strain, you generally do not need to worry that it could be attacked by mold. and this strain does not need much care in general, so even beginners can achieve good results with Critical Haze.

Indoor growing for a big harvest.

 After flowering on 12/12 for about 56 to 77 days, the harvest finally arrives and I think you will be pleasantly surprised by your yield.

When grown outdoors, this cannabis strain can give you a harvest of 9 to 14oz (250-400 grams) per square meter. That’s not that bad in itself.

 But if you grow Critical Haze indoors, then you can expect an even greater harvest. Indoors she produces very nice compact buds, which are properly coated with lots of resin.

 And of course, the buds have a good weight too. So you can achieve when indoor growing about 16 to 21 oz (450-600 grams) per square meter of dry buds, which is of course significantly more than when grown outdoors.


 Critical Haze cannabis is quite varied in its taste. Although this cannabis strain already tastes very much like Amnesia Haze, 

Critical Haze also has its own varied taste. It varies from quite spicy in taste to very spicy!.

After a while, however, the spiciness and sharpness lessen a bit, and it lays on a sour and fruity taste on the tongue, which one does not expect at first.

 This aftertaste of fruit and acid is already quite intense and remains in the mouth for quite a while. Together with the spicy taste of Amnesia Haze, which you get with every hit, is a brilliant combination.

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  1. lovely tasting easy to grow strain i have been growing this strain for a couple of years now and I can guarantee it will keep everyone happy


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