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Mazar Strain Review

Mazar Strain Review. The Mazar cannabis strain is perfect for those who want to grow their own  cannabis. It is a robust and strong genetics that is a good illustration of the old generation of cannabis.

Mazar Strain Review
Mazar Strain Review

Mazar Cannabis Strain.

  • Seed type: feminized and Auto
  • Climate: Mediterranean / Sunny
  • Size : Small plant
  • Indoor flowering: 50 – 60 days
  • Outdoor Flowering: Beginning of October
  • Indoor Harvest: about 600g / m²
  • Outdoor Harvest: from 100 to 450 g / plant
  • genotype: Indica
  • THC: In the region of 20%

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Seedsman have been doing this strain for years, I recon its one of their better strains it has a really good yield i grow them in a sog and flower at 12" which lets them finish at about 24". good plant for anyone wantig a dexent smoke and nice easy grow


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Mazar Smoke and Grow Report

Mazar is the result of a cross between a Skunk # 1 and a powerful Afghan strain, the plant is a classic variety dating back to the 1980s that remains very popular.

That she remains so popular at the moment says a lot about her quality. It owes its name to one of the largest hash producing areas, the Mazar-i-Sharif region in northern Afghanistan.

mazar plant in full flower
mazar plant in full flower

The Mazar has a sweet taste and aroma reminiscent of the humus of an undergrowth, embellished with nuances of lemon pine.

Its flavor characterizes an Afghan strain and will certainly please the grower.

Slightly dominant, the Mazar high spreads throughout the body with a soothing sensation that also relaxes the spirit into a meditative calm.

The cannabis strain Mazar is perfect for use at the end of the day or at night with good music. Consumers who are inexperienced in the use of cannabis should consider the high THC content of Mazar (about 20%) which provides a powerful high.

Growing the Mazar Strain.

Mazar is a cannabis strain which is easy to grow. This is partly due to its resilience to diseases and pests, this strain has everything to seduce novice growers who are not yet confident in their growing skills.

She develops a short-sized plant with side branches similar to a fir, but its extreme vigor contributes to a rich harvest. The flowering period of about 9 weeks produces large silver heads with trichomes of a beautiful orange color at the time of harvest.

mazar strain grown outdoor
mazar strain grown outdoor

The disease and pest resilience of the Mazar variety also has benefits for more experienced producers, particularly those who want to learn or experiment with new growing techniques.

Due to The malleability of this cannabis plant makes training for a Scrog (screen of green)or LST (Low stress training) easily done without fear of breaking the stems or branches.

The Mazar, although a lady of a certain age is still considered a hugely popular and vigorous cannabis strain, reflecting her yield and quality.

The powerful cerebral and physical high that it provides, associated with its vigorous growth and abundant yield make it a great strain to cultivate.

If you want something old school that still has the power to beat today’s hybrids, then the Mazar is probably for you.

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  1. Seedsman have been doing this strain for years, I recon its one of their better strains it has a really good yield i grow them in a sog and flower at 12″ which lets them finish at about 24″. good plant for anyone wantig a dexent smoke and nice easy grow


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