Storing Cannabis Seeds for years

Tips for preserving cannabis seeds for years

Tips for preserving cannabis seeds for years

Storing Cannabis Seeds, Tips for preserving cannabis seeds for years. The planting season is approaching in the Northern Hemisphere and it is time to invest in seeds. The success or failure of a crop depends largely on the quality of the seed and its genetics.

We can use the best substrate, the best range of fertilizers and enjoy the sunniest summer, But if the genetics are mediocre, we will be wasting months of our time and wasting money.

Storing Cannabis Seeds
Storing Cannabis Seeds

Starting from a good seed undoubtedly gives us a great advantage. But you also never know what a seed hides until it germinates. Large, small, light, dark, striped, smooth … they are never indications of how well your future plants will turn out.

A seed is not valued for what it looks like on the outside but for what it contains inside. The size or color is simply a function of the variety. Nor does a feminized seed differ to the naked eye of regular, female or male seeds.

assorted cannabis seeds

This is the main reason that all professionals and amateur growers are encouraged to buy seeds from reliable seed banks.  With the guarantee that you will receive what you ask for.

Piracy is not exclusive to electronics or fashion, and in recent years. Fraudulent websites have been discovered by growers themselves and in some cases by some seed banks. 

As we have mentioned, the content of a seed cannot be predicted. Genetic failures are common in both plants and animals including humans. Within an entire population, there may be specimens with lower than average characteristics and others that stand out for unique qualities.

Seed Banks.

Reputable seed banks perform multiple tests on their seeds to ensure good quality across their range of strains. Although we can always find a much prized specimen which is a keeper.  we can also find one which doesn’t live up to our expectations.

This is something completely normal and to some degree is to be expected. Although seeds from reputable breeders should show good levels of uniformity.

It is very common in growers to buy more seeds than is needed, simply to cover some unforeseen circumstance.  Or because the variety that the grower wants is in short supply or only available a few times a year. 

Or it could have been to take advantage of a good offer or limited stock and acquire them when they are still available for the growing season. Throughout the life of the grower, hundreds of seeds can be collected, true collections that if preserved well, can last for many years.

How to Store.

What is undoubtedly true is that the seeds over time lose vigor and reduce germination rates. Even so, seeds with 15-20 years of age can germinate with a good percentage of 60%.  This is excellent considering the jewels that have been preserved from the 80s and 90s.  And those that we can store now and keep for another 20 years.

In seeds of less than 5 years of age as long as they have been stored correctly, it is possible to still get100% germination. So do not be afraid to take advantage of the opportunity presented to gather seeds. Even from your own crosses or from friends. Just keep in mind these 3 important fundamental tips.

Watch excess moisture. Wet or slightly damp seeds will begin to germinate, even in their container or blister. Do not handle the ones that you later want to keep with wet hands  and watch for humid environments. Fungi will not hesitate to take advantage of these conditions. A good option is to keep them with a few grains of rice. This will help absorb the ambient humidity.

  • Watch the temperature. High temperatures can damage the seeds or cook them in the worst case. The heat also favors germination, so do not keep them in a place where they can reach these extremes. Ideally, keep them between 5 and 7 degrees Celsius.  The refrigerator is the most suitable place. A drawer in a cool and dry room is not bad either.
  • Watch the light. The darkness causes the seeds to remain dormant,
    film container
    film container
    While light can damage and gradually decrease the health of the seeds and their chances of germination.

The old film roll containers are perfect for storing cannabis seeds because of their black color and their good seal. These containers are still available brand new on ebay etc,  If not, we can always use any other small dark container.



  • Identify the seeds. Use good labels with a pen or permanent marker. Make sure you a label on the inside and outside of the container. Take into account that if you are going to store these seeds for years. The label on the outside could over time fade or be worn off leaving us with a lot of unidentified seeds. This wouldn’t be much of a problem if you only have one or two strains in your collection. But if you have dozens then a label inside the container would be a lifesaver.

If you don’t have good airtight containers. You can use zip lock bags, which might be easier to get. Also drinking straws, melted at both ends once the seeds have been placed inside are a great way of storing seeds.

How to Store Marijuana Seeds

storing cannabis seeds

They will last decades if you do this. So, start Storing your Cannabis seeds correctly. 

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  1. I have a library of genetics going back a couple decades. I use these same techniques and can vouch for their reliability. Many years ago all breeding started with landrace genetics . As the gene pool becomes more diluted. My precious collection of seeds is gaining value.
    Peace farmerlion

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