Bubblegum Strain Review

Bubblegum Strain Review. Bubble Gum, is loved by smokers around the world. Especially because of the almost perfect effect it produces and of course the well-known smell and taste.

You can read all about this great strain here, from the origin a few decades ago to the cultivation of Bubblegum and the tastiest contemporary varieties today.

bubblegum strain review
bubblegum strain review

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I’d say my bubble gum is awesome, One thing I have done in a lot of my past runs with defoliation is to Maybe 1 or 2 major defoliation is in the life cycle. My last run I did a major defoliation 2 weeks before flower and 3 weeks into flower and my plants look awesome! And just doing to defoliation allows the plant to limit its healing time!.

The fresh sweet mystery.

The story around Bubblegum is that this cannabis strain came to life sometime in the early 1980s through a grower in Indiana, United States. In 1993, this grower reportedly gave three different female cannabis plants to Adam van of TH Seeds and to Tony and Simon, then from Cerebral Seeds.

Tony now at Sagarmatha Seeds and Simon then at Serious Seeds, one of the most successful seed banks with over 100 Cannabis Cups wins. It is known that these three breeders have all worked with one female variant of Bubblegum. Unfortunately, there are several stories about what exactly happened afterwards.

What is Bubblegum.

Apart from above small piece of history, little is known about what the parental background of Bubblegum is. Her genetic makeup is therefore not entirely clear.  Which is why Bubblegum is often described as a hybrid cannabis strain.  Partly because it shows both indica and sativa characteristics during growth and flowering. But the balance between indica and sativa is also noticeable in the final effect.

We do know that after the discovery it took several years of fine-tuning to achieve the perfect Bubblegum, with the classic sweet scent and euphoric high as we know it today.

Soon Bubblegum started to compete for prizes in the big Cannabis Cups. For example, Bubblegum won two prizes during the 1994 Cannabis Cup and in 1995, as well as 1999, a second prize during the annual Cannabis Cup.

Bubblegum has both indica and sativa characteristics.
Bubblegum has both indica and sativa characteristics.
Bubblegum weed gives a happy, euphoric, relaxed feeling.    
Bubblegum weed gives a happy, euphoric, relaxed feeling.

Effect of Bubblegum

The effect Bubblegum is so loved for is the happy, euphoric yet relaxed feeling. In addition, your creativity will get a big boost and so you can always smoke this type of cannabis, especially if there are creative tasks you need to do or simply a mountain of work to get through. Socially, it is also a good weed that ensures that you do not shy away from a conversation and that you can enjoy every conversation.

So if you enjoy an intense high that is not overwhelming. It can easily be  used with daily tasks and you do not have to worry about a couch-lock or muddled thoughts.

The only negative you could experience after smoking Bubblegum is dry mouth and rarely dry eyes. Note, the mild effect does not guarantee that you will not fall asleep if you smoke a few joints in a row.

Taste of Bubblegum.

Bubblegum’s unique taste is already betrayed by its name, predominantly sweet, almost chemical, with undertones of flowers and cherries. The taste comes very close to chewing gum and that is wonderfully fresh on a warm summer day and at the same time warming on a cold winter day.

Because of its delicious taste, Bubblegum often forms the basis of various crosses, in order to pass on (part of) the taste to new cannabis strains. You can think of Blueberry Gum (Blueberry X Bubblegum), Bubba-Gum Kush (Bubba Kush X Bubblegum, OG Bubble Gum (OG Kush X Bubblegum) and Strawberry Banana (Banana Kush X Bubble Gum).

Medicinal effect Bubblegum.

In addition to a wonderful effect and a mouth watering taste, Bubblegum is also very suitable for medicinal users of cannabis. Details may vary by breeder, but Bubblegum is generally used for:

Due to its broad effect on the medicinal level, Bubblegum is very popular with medicinal users. In particular, users who suffer from several of these complaints, it is nice to smoke only one cannabis strain that helps or provides relief from multiple complaints. There are also Bubblegum varieties that contain a lot of (CBD) to contribute to an even better one. 

Bubble gum's flavor comes very close to chewing gum.    
The taste of bubble gum comes very close to bubble gum.
Bubblegum is very suitable for medicinal users of cannabis.    

Bubblegum weed is often used medicinally.

Growing bubblegum.

Fortunately, this classic cannabis strain with its unique smell and taste is easy to grow. Every grower from novice to expert can enjoy this strain of weed. Before you start growing, it is useful to know a few things about care, nutrition and important breeding information. You can read the most important details and tips about these topics below.

Grow info:

  • Growing Difficulty: Easy to grow
  • Height: Average, 100-150 centimeters
  • Flowering time: 8 to 9 weeks
  • Yield: High, 500-600 grams per square meter

Care and nutrition

For the more experienced growers, growing Bubblegum will be a proverbial breeze. Even for novice growers it is quite easy to grow this strain yourself. What you need? Only the willingness to keep an eye on your cannabis plant (s). You can grow Bubblegum both indoors and outdoors, but it is good to know that she is especially suitable for indoor cultivation. This is because you can control the climate inside, and she prefers a warm and dry climate.

During humid periods, it is therefore advisable for outdoor cultivation to check for fungi, partly because of its compact and dense buds and its sensitivity to them. If you choose an indoor grow, it is recommended to grow in soil or in a hydroponic system. This is how you achieve the best results. In both cases, you would do well to choose a SoG / ScroG to maximize the yield. Given the modest size of Bubblegum, she will take up little space and so you have enough space to create a Sea of ​​Screen of Green.

Pruning cannabis plants, the dos and don’ts

She also responds well to interventions such as fimming or pruning the bottom shoots to encourage top growth.

Bubblegum seeds.

Now that you know how best to grow Bubblegum and have taken all the tips, it’s time to take a look at all the various Bubblegum / Bubble Gum varieties that have emerged over time. For any cannabis strain with Bubblegum genetics, they are easy to grow and at most differ slightly in details from the original.

If you are looking for a fem version of [afflink url=”https://shop.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/products/bubblegum-marijuana-seeds?aff=131″ name=”bubblegum”] that is close to the original, then you are at the right place at .


This ILGM Bubblegum grows extremely fast and also has a short flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks.  Just as forgiving as the original, pruning, topping, fimming or growing in a Sea of ​​Green / Screen of Green is also very possible with this variant. 

 5/5 (1)
 5/5 (1)
 5/5 (1)
 5/5 (1)
 5/5 (1)
 5/5 (1)

Also, don’t forget there is an [afflink url=”https://shop.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/products/bubblegum-autoflower-seeds?aff=131″ name=”Auto Version”] available 

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  1. I’d say my bubble gum is awesome, One thing I have done in a lot of my past runs with defoliation is to Maybe 1 or 2 major defoliation is in the life cycle. My last run I did a major defoliation 2 weeks before flower and 3 weeks into flower and my plants look awesome! And just doing to defoliation allows the plant to limit its healing time!.


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