Amnesia Haze: The Story of a Classic Strain

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Amnesia Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid that has long since achieved legendary status. 

And was even named one of the 25 best strains of all time. High yields, euphoric effects, and pleasant taste provided the strain with victory and success in many competitions. Amnesia marijuana is also known as the unforgettable queen of Amsterdam coffeeshops.


amnesia haze characteristics

The Amnesia Haze Story 

Like almost all classic old-school strains, Amnesia has a very mysterious and enigmatic history of creation. 

According to one version, the American breeder David Paul Watson, also known under the pseudonym Sam Skunkman, created Amnesia in the early 90s. He crossed Thai, Jamaican, Hawaiian, and Afghan strains to develop a cult variety. However, life circumstances (and the police) forced Watson to leave the shores of his native America and move to the Netherlands. According to legend, he brought a box with several thousand seeds to Amsterdam. Among which was the first Skunk and the same Auto Amnesia. Later, the variety began to enjoy incredible popularity among the regulars of local coffee shops and gained its first fame. 

Over time, another old-school breeding dinosaur, Zwiep, owner of fertilizer company Hypro, crossed over the original Amnesia genetics with Neville Haze, creating what we know today as Amnesia Haze.

At first, Zwiep only produced Amnesia Haze as a clone. Still, he decided to make it available as a seed due to its growing popularity. He teamed up with a well-known Spanish seed bank and released regular and feminized cannabis seeds of his variety. This allowed him to win several cannabis cube awards, including 1st place in 2004 and 2012.

Subsequently, Spanish breeders tested the strain indoors. Breeders used 3 feminized seeds of the Amnesia cultivar, which germinated within three days and then showed strong, juicy early growth. Within a four-week vegetative cycle, they have developed into compact, bushy plants with rich branching and moderate height. One of the breeders, Doc, found that cannabis plants were 45, 58, and 60 cm tall at flowering. Then, week after week, all three bushes massively gained weight, and their buds became large, dense, and hard during flowering. The lower plant did not stretch much during the flowering stage, apparently carrying more indica genes than the other two. This was also noted for its plump, bulbous buds, which differed slightly from the rest of the buds. The shape was more elongated, and the structure was tough and super-dense. But all three Amnesia fem plants had a very high overall calyx to leaf ratio. Their impressive buds were covered in a ton of sparkling trichomes. 

Doc said: “Amnesia really turned out to be an outstanding variety to cultivate. In nine weeks after flowering, the plants were covered in super oily and extremely resinous buds sitting on the branches like a throne. The fragrance makes me very happy because they smell amazingly smoky.”

Amnesia Haze Characteristics

Original Amnesia buds are usually elongated and slightly thin, typical of sativas. And boast a light green color with deep orange hues due to generous pistil distribution. Most importantly, they are generously covered with a thick layer of trichomes, which is a testament to the strain’s effectiveness.

Here are some facts about this outstanding variety:

  • Amnesia marijuana strain is basically sativa cannabis seeds  (75% sativa and 25% indica) bred from crossing four strains: 3 sativa and 1 indica;
  • Amnesia Haze is not a variety of Haze. It’s a cross between the original Amnesia and Neville’s Haze. Although she contains this strain in her genetics, she is still not a Haze phenotype;
  • despite its name, the variety does not cause memory loss or gaps;
  • similar strains to Amnesia are Cinderella 99, the original White Widow, and New York Diesel;
  • The plant’s terpene profile includes 0.84% ​​humulene and 0.50% caryophyllene. The plant also contains linalool, pinene, limonene, and myrcene at a concentration of less than 0.01%;
  • Auto Amnesia has a relatively high level of THC. It can vary in the range of 20-25% depending on the variety’s specific variety. 

Amnesia reviews: effect

For Amnesia, the effects of sativa-dominant strains are typical. When high in THC, it produces an almost instant euphoria coupled with fast-acting brain stimulation. The variety affects motivation, focus, productivity, and readiness to perform a wide variety of tasks. Medical patients also turn to Amnesia as a remedy for:

  • from migraine;
  • for quick stress relief;
  • depression treatment;
  • combating chronic fatigue;
  • anesthesia;
  • control pain and nausea in cancer patients.

Despite the high levels of euphoria, the amnesia strain still boasts its indicative line, giving an incredible feeling of muscle relaxation. This is an excellent option for sports.

Spicy with hints of sour and sweet

The taste of Amnesia Haze can sometimes be quite complex. It is not uncommon for you to experience several powerful and spicy flavors at the same time. It is also possible that you will discover lemony or slightly sweet undertones in it. All in all, this is often not a mild taste sensation. Especially novice users can be surprised by this.

Amnesia haze flowers produce various terpenes, the aromatic molecules that give cannabis its distinct flavors and smells. Opening the box of Amnesia Haze, the room is covered with a fragrant wave of fruits, flowers, earth, and zesty citrus fruits. Some users also report cedar, incense, and even spices in Amnesia’s taste. In addition to giving the smoke a delicious flavor, the terpene profile makes this strain an ideal candidate for baking edibles.

Useful for stress and depression

Amnesia Haze can also play a useful role in the medical world. For example, if you suffer from incidental or structural stress complaints, depression, eating disorders or other often emotional problems, the use of Amnesia Haze can provide relief. Finally, Amnesia Haze can help to relieve sharp shoots of pain.

The experience of Spanish breeders: cultivation features

Auto amnesia grows like a typical Sativa. As a general rule, Dutch marijuana seeds are best suited for outdoor cultivation in warm Mediterranean climates. Indoors, this strain is used by breeders with plenty of experience and room to grow. This monster quickly reaches a height of 1.5 meters with a yield of 650 grams per square meter after 70 days of flowering. Excessive growth indicates hemp tucking or Sea of ​​Green in LST cultivation. The buds will grow large and dense during flowering. Because of their overgrowth, growers often have to put up supports (such as bamboo stakes) to keep the branches from hanging down and eventually breaking.

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