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Heath Robinson Vertical Grow Using Rockwool Slabs: Part 1

Heath Robinson Vertical Grow Using Rockwool Slabs

Archived grow from 5th October 2005, 06:08 PM on the HG420 Forums and Overgrow.com originally entitled

Heath goes Vertical (again!)

“I thought I would show my new vertical grow which is under construction, for those of you who dont know about a year ago I made a vertical system which turned out fairly well. So I thought I would try again with a new easy to make run and clean system. “

my latest Vertical using 2 x 600w Hps in Cooltubes and 18 Aqua trays holding Rockwool slabs. Fed from the top by a dripper. The slabs drain to waste from guttering running around the bottom of the slabs. I hope to have this up and running within a week or two, I have all the cuttings and am just waiting for them to root.

vertical wooden frame

guttering for run off from rockwool slabs

Aqua trays fastened to frame

View from outside the vert

10th October 2005, 06:51 PM

Hi all ,

Thanks to you all for stopping by, well its back to business, I have nearly finished building the vertical and I am just waiting for the cuttings to root and we will be away.

The latest set of pics will probably give a better idea of what the system is about, if there are any questions, fire away

assembled vert

twin Cooltubes

Cool tube extraction

Cool tube extraction

slabs drain into guttering

slabs drain into guttering

slabs drain into guttering and out to the rez

feed pipe into top of slabs

feed pipes into top of slab

feed pipes into top of slabs

Close up of the feed pipes

14th October 2005, 01:03 PM

Hey Cone ,

No real veg in these systems, if I had rooted these as I would have liked, they would have a day and then 12/12. As it is they will probably need about a week before I can go 12/12.

The screwdriver bit is now back in my drill thanks for finding it for me

Welcome ms right

I recon a nice grow in soil could be done vertically in pots, so I will look forward to a ms right vertical grow in the future
Idont like to use seedlings for any grow because they arent the best representation of what you get when they are cloned, but especialy so for grows where space is a concern as they tend to be more leggy than cuttings. I am not going to top these either unless they are about to hit the bulbs

Hey Black,

Life just keeps on getting better

There are 6 clones to each slab so hopefully in a few weeks there should be no gaps, I tend to prune the plants in flower to remove any growth I dont want.

I have built the system using a light meter so all the plants should recieve plenty of light, this should reduce the stretch in the first 3 weeks 12/12.

I have included a few pics of the plants so you can see how the plants grow outwards and upwards. The fan in the old system was set on slow revs so it was a steady flow past the plants, I will put one in this system if I think that the Cooltubes arent moving enough air.

The pipes to supply air to your plants are a better idea than using fans as I find fans are a bit harsh on the plants and I dont realy like using them.

Latest pics:

clones in place

clones in place

clones in slabs

21st October 2005, 04:56 PM

Hi nowhereman ,

The verticals are great but you are right to wait and polish your growing skills before you attempt one as things can go wrong very quickly when you have a limited amount of room to grow and its a totally new system. But if you get it right they really produce the goods

Cheers NoRm ,

Lets hope I manage to amaze you at the end of the grow

Nice to have you onboard Bov

Here are the latest pics, not too much change to look at but they have put out some nice roots and I think they are just right for turning to 12/12, things will really start to happen in the next couple of weeks :

vertical grow with cuttings

vertical grow with cuttings 1

Part 2 Here


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  1. Hi medMuser,

    Sorry I missed your post, I am a member of the canna cabana among others but haven’t been on the forums for a few years now.

    If you are growing a high density vertical or sog then you really only want a single stem, strip off everything from the bottom third of the plant and nip out most of the shoots above this will leave a plant which will grow one large “bud on a stick”


  2. Hello JJ

    I find that 15 mins every three hours works well throughout the grow, Just remember to try use rockwool slabs that are designed to be hung vertically (some rockwool slabs have the “grain” of the rockwool going horizontally instead of vertically.

  3. Hi Heath, can you tell me how often you water the slabs and for how long? Do you change the length of watering depending on the size of the plants throughout the grow?



  4. No worries. Really good idea. More plants in the space. I am going to try the vertical pot method. Later, I am gonna do an areoponic set up going vertical.

    How many sets of branches do you go for the flower stage 12/12?

    I know I have seen you on one of the sites I am a member of. Canna Cabana maybe? I am ZZ there. You have a rep as a good grower & breeder.

    Thanks for sharing your work. Got me old wheels turning you did. 🙂


  5. Hello Meduser,

    These vertical grows tend to do better with lots of smaller single stem plants, rather than larger ones with side branches.

    When you grow the plants vertically it seems to change the characteristics of the plant, making it sturdier with tighter buds.

    thanks for your kind words I appreciate it.


  6. Now that’s what I call innovation. Very good idea. The only vertical growing I have ever done is to stake a plant horizontally. Works great. Side branches are usually bigger than the central cola stalk & look like a row of individual ladies side by side.

    Your method will give a lot of buddage it looks like. Are you going to do some side branches or just central colas?

    Going octagon is a great idea. A friend of mine did a small octagon that worked very well. He had to take it down do the wife not liking him growing. I bet this works even better. My friends plants, the short time he had them, were straight up in regular pots.

    Wowser! I am impressed!


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