• PropagationAssemble both parts by pressing together both ends of the graft

    How To Graft Cannabis and Keep Multiple Strains

    How To Graft Cannabis and Keep Multiple Strains. Hello, the following tutorial will give you the basics for grafting your favorite cannabis strains onto a mother plant. There are many reasons you might want to have several strains on one plant. It could be simply to save space and lighting. The one really big bonus is you can flower one plant but have a harvest which includes two or more of your favorite strains!.  Or you might have a plant…

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  • Curing and Processing CannabisThe Difference Between Hemp And CBD Oil

    The Difference Between Hemp And CBD Oil

    The Difference Between Hemp And CBD Oil, Inside and outside the cannabis world there has recently been a huge increase in hemp and CBD products, mostly in the form of oil. However, you dont think that both products are the same – because they aren’t.  Whether your medicinal oil has been extracted from hemp (seed) or from cannabis makes a real difference. Cannabis oil What is the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil? The range of products that are…

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  • Curing and Processing CannabisBest Weed Storage

    The Best Weed Storage

    Whats The Best Weed Storage?. Anyone who occasionally buys a gram or two weed does not have to worry about its shelf life.

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  • HydroponicsHeath Robinson AK47 grown by Billy Liar

    Hydroponics: Amazing Harvests In The Quickest Possible Time

    Hydroponics amazing harvests  When plants are grown indoors the time is precious since the cost of recreating a natural environment is high. This leads indoor growers to wonder how to optimize the space, shorten the growth and flower cycles and increase the harvest. There is only one answer to these questions: hydroponic cultivation. For those of you who do not know what it is, it simply consists of cultivating plants without soil, in an inert substrate or in water. Hydroponics…

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  • Pest Control

    Garden Pests Thrips Control

    Garden Pests Thrips Control  WHAT ARE THRIPS?     When growing your favourite fruits, flowers or veggies in your garden, sooner or later you’ll have to deal with thrips feasting on your plants. Usually, the first signs of Thrips on Marijuana will be the visual damage they do to your plants’ leaves. This damage will appear as small, slug like, silvery trails accompanied by patches of white/yellow spots on the leaves. This is the result of thrips piercing the leaf tissue…

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