• Homemade Marijuana Pipes and BongsHow To Deal With Stinky Weed

    How To Deal With Stinky Weed Make a Diy Sploof

    How To Deal With Stinky Weed Make a Diy Sploof. Weed is stinky. That’s not only a fact; that’s a desired trait. The smellier the weed the better and fresh bud should smell. And it’s not that they necessarily smell bad, exactly. Yes, some bud is super skunky. But I’ve smoked weed that smells like lemons, spice, blueberries, etc. One of my favorite smells like blue cheese. Either way, if you’ve got good weed, it’s going to smell – A LOT.…

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  • Grow Room EnviromentHow to build your own inexpensive odour neutraliser

    How to build your own inexpensive odour neutraliser

    How to build your own inexpensive odour neutraliser Bad smells, stink and hefty weed odours is something every indoor cultivator needs like another hole in the head.   Because the problem arises as a result of growing activities, it is logical to take preventative measures. Many weed growers use carbon filters to get rid of weed smells and that can often be expensive, depending on the size of your space, of course.     For those starter growers and other interested parties, investing in ventilation…

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  • Cannabis Basics

    Three things you should know about trichomes

    Three things you should know about trichomes Trichomes are small hair-like appendages. They are produced by marijuana, and other plants. Female marijuana plants produce certain trichomes that are a rich source of THC. These trichomes can be found in the highest concentration in the flowers, or the buds. They start with a milky color, which then turns with age to amber (light brown). The Trichomes in Image 1 are clear. After the plant has bloomed for a few weeks, the trichomes…

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  • Curing and Processing CannabisUnderstand The Difference Between Cannabis Oils

    The Difference Between Cannabis Oils

    Difference Between Cannabis Oils. Each user reports a different experience when using Cannabis oils used throughout their treatment. Some achieve better results with CBD – others with THC. And there is also the full spectrum oils, with all the components of the plant. So, what are the differences between these types of oil? Difference Between Cannabis Oils. Full-spectrum oil. Full-spectrum oil extracts maintain the entire profile of the Cannabis plant. That is, they contain a wide variety of chemical compounds:…

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  • Advanced Growingcannabis plant stress

    Reducing Cannabis Plant Stress

    Masterclass: Positive Stress?, Can being “unkind” to your plants ever be a good thing? Stop reading this. Please. Make sure you’ve completely dialed in your grow first. It’s far more important! Perfect your daytime and nighttime temps, keep a tight grip on your relative humidity, maintain optimum light levels, exact your feeding regimen, the works – all of it, get it right first.   The techniques described in this article are NOT for beginners and some of this stuff is…

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  • Growing OutdoorsGuerrilla Growing

    Guerrilla Growing

    Guerrilla Growing   Guerrilla Growing is basically growing far from your very own home or home, or on a remote area of your property. The concept is to remove yourself from the operation, so that if the boys in blue do come around, you’re name won’t be plastered over every illegal plant. It’s generally to secure you from legal problem, but there are some various other advantages too. Guerilla Growing Tips If you’re growing lawfully (ie you have a permit), there’s…

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